Womens Spy Watch With Auto IR Night Vision


Womens Spy Watch With Auto IR Night Vision

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Womens Spy Watch

1. Automatic infrared sensor
The watch will automatically start recording with IR night vision, no manual operation is required when recording something at dark night
2. Full HD 1080P
Consistently high quality video resolution, You deserve it!
3. Elegant pink tone design with many crystals around the dial
4. 36 hours long LED lighting
5. HD PC web camera function
6. Support separate voice recording 
7. Built in 16GB, memory can be expand up to 32GB

This wrist watch have a very nice design and leather strap, so we recommend it to all the ladies users, it's not only a ornaments but also a spy product because it looks like a regular watch but includes a spy digital camera, video and audio recorder. The camera lens is located on the watch face and they are so tiny and discreet that no one can notice it or guess its presence. The spy watch also contains a USB connection and a built in microphone and an automatic infrared sensor that will allow the watch to automatically record at night using IR vision. The camera can record video in full HD format. The spy watch features a huge memory for video and pictures storage.

The spy watch can be used for undercover taking pictures and recording videos at day or night time. It might be a good accessory for ladies who work as an undercover detective for monitoring a suspect. The watch spy camera is ideal for a private investigator because you can wear it on your wrist and it blends perfectly with your normal attire. The spy watch has enough internal memory to store a lot of pictures or video footage and the battery ensures a long operation time. You can easily document the activities of your subject with this innovative spy watch. The camera is very easy to use, whether you take pictures, record videos, or just audio. The spy camera is also very convenient because it is small and covert in the watch you wear at your wrist.

This spy wrist watch can be used to record the activities of your target in a store, in a restaurant, in public transport, subway, at the pool, or in many other locations. Police officers who are working on undercover operations, private investigators, and even corporate spies are professional categories that might need this innovative gadget as an accessory among their spying tools.

Video Form: AVI
Video Coding: M-JPEG
Picture Format: JPG
Video Resolution: 1920*1080P
Photo Resolution: 4032 * 3024 pixels
Video Frame Rate: 30 frames
Image Scaling: 4:3
Interface-type: Mini USB
Memory Card: Nand flash TF card, support 1GB-32GB
Battery: High-capacity polymer lithium battery
Player Software: Operating systems or mainstream movie playback software
Support System: Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista;Mac os 10.4;Linux;

Package Contents
1 x HD 1080P womnes spy watch camera
1 x USB cable
1 x Charger
1 x User manual
1 x CD Drivers

Instruction Manual
Pls download below detailed womens spy watch camera instruction manual
womens spy watch camera instruction manual download

Free Drivers Sofeware For This Women Spy Watch Camera
Free Drivers Sofeware For This Women Spy Watch Camera

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