WiFi USB Wall Charger Hidden Spy Camera

wifi usb wall charger

WiFi USB Wall Charger Hidden Spy Camera

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WiFi USB Wall Charger Hidden Spy Camera
Key Features
1. Multifunctional
This wifi spy camera is not only a charger to charge your cell phone, it's also can be used a security monitor because of the covert design.

2. Streams to Iphone/Android
Video streams live to your iPhone or Android device, or iPad or Android tablet.

3. Motion detection
When motion is detected, your phone will receive a picture from the camera. Distance of motion detection shooting:6 m straight-line distance

4. Real-time audio&video recording
This wifi charger spy camera will faithfully record your uninvited guest's action in real-time and can act as proof provider for further use when there is any accident.

5. Record to micro SD card
When you insert a micro SD card into the device, you can record motion activated video to the card. And it support up to 64GB.

6. Easy to use
Just plug this wifi spy camera into a wall outlet (or even extension cord), download the streaming app(HD VIDEO), this hidden camera streaming stunning HD video and audio that allows you to monitor exactly what is going on when you aren't around in your home, office, business, or wherever you need covert video surveillance.

Look Resolution Ratio:1080P/720P/640P
Video Format:ASF
Frame Number:25
Visual Angle:90 degree
Motion Detection Camera Shooting:Straight line 6 meters
Minimal Illumination 1LUX
Compressed Format:H.264
Recording Range:5㎡
Storage Temperature:-20-80 degree centigrade
Operating Temperature:-10-60 degree centigrade
Operation Humidity:15-85%RH
Memory Card Type:Micro SD card
Maximum capacity of memory card 32GB
Player Software:VLCPlayer/SMPlayer
Computer Operating System:Windows/Mac OS X
Mobile Phone Operating System:Android/iOS
Web browser:IE7 and above,chrome,firefox safari.etc
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Product Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.1 x 1.2 inches
wifi usb wall charger structure
Package Contents
1 x Wifi usb wall charger
1 x Manual
1 x CD