Wifi Pet GPS Tracker For Dogs and Cats

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Wifi Pet GPS Tracker For Dogs and Cats

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Wifi Waterproof Pet GPS Tracker For Dogs and Cats
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Main Function:
* WIFI + GPS + AGPS + LBS inertia 4 heavy hybrid positioning
* Wifi anti-lost alarm
* Waterproof IP66
* Smart rolling LED light
* GSM quad band network, all global GPS location
* WiFi safety zone make more alert accuracy indoor
* Multiple tracking way,tracking via Website / APP / Wechat / SMS
* Trajectory playback / Geo-fence
* Voice monitor
* Low battery alarm

GSM network: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPRS standard: Class 12, TCP/IP
GSM/GPS Antenna: Built-in design
Standby time: GSM standby 300 hours (GPS closed),about 12 days
                       GPS standby 60 hours (10 minutes once positioning)
GPS locating time: 30sec with cold boot (open sky)
                               29sec with warm boot (open sky)
                               5sec with hot boot (open sky)
GPS positioning accuracy:10-15m
WiFi positioning accuracy: 0-30m (covered with WiFi signal)
Working temperature: -20 ~ +70
Working humidity: 5% ~ 95% RH
Host size: 47*50*15mm
Host weight: 40g
Battery: 400mA

Package Contents:
1 x Pet GPS tracker
1 x USB cable
1 x User manual

Q: After inserting a SIM card, it can make a call, but it display not enable on the platform and APP
A: Please check that SIM Card has opened GPRS.
Q: When we finished family number setting, why the device reject our call?
A: Please check that SIM Card has opened caller ID.
Q: Device show online, but it shows “wait for the device responses” when you set instruction with APP.
A:  (1) Device GSM signal is not good, so not smooth result of GPRS
     (2) Device is on a call.

Q: How to set the master numbe by SMS?
A: The command is pw,123456,center,phone number#.
For example:pw,123456,center,15034786543#
It will set 15034786543 as the master number.
Q: The SIM card has opened GPRS function, but the device still not online
A: The tracker have pre-program all most APN, maybe APN of the SIM card you use don’t preset in the tracker,  please set master number first and then send command to add you APN into the tracker.
The command is: apn,<apn>,<plmn>#

How to track? There are 3 methods

1. Track via APP
Scan the Qr code to install the Android or IOS APP, you can find the Qr code on Packing box ,our tracking platform, user munaul. Of course, you also can install it from app store, Our APP name "Any Tracking", User Name: ID number, Password: 123456

2. Track via website
Please Visit this site: www.gps123.org, the User Name is: ID number/Account , Password is: 123456,  then you can track and set.

3. Track via SMS

Send "dw#" to the device ,you will get the address and map link.