Spy Camera Glasses HD 1080P


Spy Camera Glasses HD 1080P

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Spy Camera Glasses HD 1080P
This spy camera glasses is the perfect choice of driving and outdoor activities, such as cycling/ fishing/ hunting/ traveling/ climbing, etc. It will release your hands, capture the wonderful moments and record the beautiful scenery in your ride.

1. High quality video resolution in HD 1080P.
2. Flexible design suits for different faces for different races and ages
3. Easy connection with PC/Laptops,no driver needed
4. Easy operation, one button control

* Power Supply: 280mAh LI battery
* Working time: 40~60Minutes
* Memory: Max 32GB SD Card (not included)
* Power source: DC-5V
* Working temperature: 0~50 °
* The storage temperature: 10~80 °
* Resolution: 1280 x 720 8. Video Format: AVI
* Recoding Speed: Max 30fps
* Operaing System: Windows XP/2000/Vista/7
* Color: Black
* Dimension: (15.5 x 5.5 x 4.2)cm/ (6.1 x 2.17 x 1.65)" (L x W x H)
* Weight: 178 g/ 6.28oz

Package Contents:
1 x Glasses
1 x Glasses Bag
1 x Glasses Cloth
1 x USB cable
1 x Manual


A) Turn On/Off
Insert a Micro SD card first. To start the device, press and hold the On/Off button for three seconds and then release,
Blue LED indicator will light up, the device is in standby mode. long press On/Off button for about 5 seconds to turn off.

B) Video Recording
* In standy mode, press Video/Photo button for three seconds, Blue LED inicator blinks,it starts recording;
* Short press the Video/Photo button, the blue LED indicator stop blinks and the video files will be saved and then the device is off automatically.
A:If the device turns off automatically each time when it records for a very short time it needs charge.
B:Make sure there is adequate light in the surrounding and the camers is not blocked by other items.
Keep the caeras upright and stable, And the object should be more than 50cm from the camera.
In order to ensure good sond effect of recording, do not block the microphone hole.

C) Photographing
In standby mode, short press Video/Photo button to take one photo, the Blue LED indicator would blink once.
Short press again for more photos.It would turn off automatically within 60 seconds without any operation.

D) Reset
When machine works abnormally for unreasonable operation or other unknown reasons, it needs to be reset.
Inset slim clip into Reset hole and press lightly.

E) Charge
The battery is built-in Lithium battery, please charge for more than 4 hours for the first three times.
Connect computer/Use AC adapter with USB cable to charge.
Start charging, blue and red indicator light on. It'll need 1-2 hours for a full charge.
When the Red indicator is off, then it's fully charged.
Notice: when battery power is not enough, device will enter into protection mode, so it cannot be turned on. now, please recharge it.

F) Time Setup
1. Connect device to PC or Laptop, it will pop up a new mobile disk.
2. Click to open the mobile disk, there is a text file named as "time.txt".
3. Open the text file, According to the default time format to modify the the time.
4. After the completion of the modified time, save it and then exit.
5. Time is set and ready for new recording.