Spy Cam Glasses HD 1080P


Spy Cam Glasses HD 1080P

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Spy Cam Glasses
This Spy Cam Glasses Has A Semi-Rimmed Appearance And A HD 1080P Hidden Spy Camera Lens, The Len Hidden In The Hole At The Right Front Of The Spectacle Frames.

1. 5.0 Mega Pixels CMOS Camera, record HD 1080P clear video
2. Covert design, since it's designed as common sunglasses, no one will suspect it's a spy sunglasses camera
3. Support micro SD card up to 32GB, you can store your data even in large sizes
4. Fashionable design, easy to operate

Spy cam glasses are a versatile tool used to take video in a variety of situations. This spy cam glasses allow for HD video production which guarantee that every little detail is captured. You may need some glasses like these because you may always dropping your video cameras and breaking them.

Spy cam glasses are a spy product because of their ability to blend in with the environment. Many people will not realize that these glasses come equipped with a camera. They feature an attractive frame as well. A perfect event to use these glasses would be a sports game. Instead of trying to hold a camera up for hours, a person wearing these glasses can watch the game in comfort. The camera is high quality and can record hours of video at a time with the right memory card.

Another good use for these glasses is for fishing. Now that fish story will have some evidence to back it up. The glasses shouldn't get water on them though. They are like any other electronic product. A few drops of water probably won't hurt the glasses, but submerging them is very dangerous. Keeping the cover on the glasses when they're not in use is a good idea.

The glasses can also be used to create a first-person view of any event. The viewer of the video will feel like they're in the driver seat when watching the recorded tape. This is especially great for a white-water rafting trip or a long bicycle ride on some steep hills. It's a fantastic device to share with a disabled person who might not be able to experience something like that.

In conclusion, this spy product will bring hours of enjoyment for anyone. The size is designed for adult use and care should be taken when children are using a product like this. They will have a ton of fun watching the videos you take with it!

Camera Pixel: 5.0 Megapixels
Video Format: AVI
Video Resolution: 1920 x 1080P
Video Frame Rate: 30 fps 
Image Ratio: 16:9
Memory: support maximum 32GB (not included)
USB Interface: MINI 8pin USB
Power Source: built-in 300 mAh lithium battery
Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 60 degree C
Storage Temperature: - 20 ~ 80 degree C
Playback software: Operationg system or mainstream audio and video playback
OS: Windows me/2000/XP/ 2003/vista:M

Package Contents
1 x HD 1080P Spy Cam Glasses 
1 x Carrying Pouch
1 x USB Cable
1 x English User Manual

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