4G Solar Powered GPS Tracker For Cattle With Long Battery 9000mAh

GPS tracker for cattle

4G Solar Powered GPS Tracker For Cattle With Long Battery 9000mAh

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Solar Powered GPS Tracker With Long Battery 9000mAh

Our newest 4G Version Solar GPS Tracker For Animal, which can be also compatible with 3G WCDMA and 2G GSM Network.

It has big battery with Solar panel 9000mAh, which is a good choice for big animals such as cow, cattle, sheep,camel and so on.

Main Features:

Product Features

(1) 4G LTE+3G WCDMA+2G GSM networks

(2) Waterproof IP67

(3) High frequency alarm with loudspeaker, SOS alarm

(4) GPS positioning, with accuracy of 5m outdoor

(5) WIFI positioning, with accuracy of 30m indoors

(6) Web platform/ Phone App/ SMS for positions check

(7) Historical route, GPS fence & WIFI fence double care

(8) Solar charging automatically when sunlight exists

(9) Heath care with step counting and temperature measurement

(10) Low battery/SIMcard changing alarm

(11) High power LED prompt light

(12) Track with Web platform/ APP/ SMS command


* Real-time tracking: The latest reported position is shown in the map, to renew the location, user can press the refresh button on the top right corner, in about 1 minute, the position will be renewed.

* Historical route: There are 3 time-period to check device's historical routes. For data and memory limits, currently the Apps only provides any day's route in 90 days.

* Geo-fence: Set or cancel Geo-fence area. In order to avoid false alarm, user is recommended to set radius of fence more than 500m. Constant press Geo-fence name to edit or delete.

* WIFI fence: First choose WIFI hotspot (APP in an iPhone can only choose WIFI hotspot connected on iPhone). After setting successfully, the device will send alerts when it gets in or out of this WIFI fence.
Attention: Please don't set two nearby WIFI hotspots as WIFI fence to avoid frequent false alerts.

* Main monitoring number: Only the main monitoring number can receive SIM card changing and low battery reminders and send commands to set the device via SMS.

* SOS numbers: To set SOS number for emergent calls.

* Remove alarm: After turning on this alarm from APP, the device will be in remove alarm mode in 3 minutes. The device will send alerts once removed from the collar holder.

* Soft time zone: If used in China, the device needs no setting for time zone, while used abroad, user can set accordingly in App.

* Device language and time zone: Chinese and English are available for alarm SMS; Time zone: Enter user's right time zone.

* Timing switch: User can set two combinations of timing switch. To save data plan and battery standby, this function enables the device to turn on and off automatically.
Notes: This timing switch function is invalid when the device is in the sunlight, because it will turn on automatically under the sunlight.

* Remote reboot: If the device works abnormally, user can reboot the device remotely via App.

* Remote power-off: Via App to power off the device remotely. Be careful to use it, as the device can't be remotely powered on after using this function.

* Alarm list: To show historical list of alarm information.

* Remind: When alarm triggered, to set whether to receive latest App alarm information or not.

Package Includes

1pcs * Solar GPS tracker host
1pcs * Magnetic USB charging cable
1pcs * Collar holder
1pcs * Collar
1pcs * User Manual