Solar GPS Tracking For Cattle & Farm Animals

GPS tracker for cattle

Solar GPS Tracking For Cattle & Farm Animals

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Solar GPS Tracking For Cattle

Important Notice Before Purchasing:

(1) This Solar  Powered GPS Tracker can  just work with 2G GSM network. It does not support 3G,4G Or 5G network. If your country have closed the 2G network, we suggest you choose 3G or 4G GPS tracker in our store.

(2) It must work with Micro SIM card, and the SIM card must be compatible with 2G GSM network, please understand !

(3) These coutries can not use this product Singapore, Korea, North Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Australia.

Main Features

1.Built-in GPS for global tracking and precisely location
GPS + LBS + WiFi + Inertial Positioning, the quadruple positioning methods help you get your cattle location accurately, please choose 2G GSM network-based micro SIM card ( same as For iPhone 4 )

2.IP66 waterproof
Can work in rainy days.

3.Solar powered
Built-in 1500mah battery, dual power source,wireless charging, no worry your tracker is out of power, environmental protection and energy saving.

4. Real-time tracking
By GPRS positioning, you can get your cattle's last position and trace just staying at home.

5.Anti-remove alarm
Because of the built-in anti-remove sensor, once the tracker was removed from the cattle,it will send you an alert.

6.Also have other functions, such as trace replay and GEO-Fence supported, SOS alarm, two-way communication, history route, WiFi location, anti-lost alarm, voice monitoring, low battery alarm.

7.Track the location via SMS, Mobile phone and website.





* GSM network:850/900/1800/1900MHz
* GPRS standard:Class 12,TCP/IP
* GPS locating time:30sec with cold boot(under the open sky)
                  29sec with warm boot(under the open sky)
                  5sec with hot boot (under the open sky)
* GPS Positioning accuracy:10-15m(under the open sky)
* Wifi locationing accuracy:5-30m(base on Google wifi data base)
* Build-in Battery:1500mAh
* Theoretical call time: 15 hours
* Theoretical standby time: 25 days
* Solar charging efficiency:0-125mA/h (depend on the intensity of the sunshine)
* Average power consumption per hour:(location interval 10 min) 7mA/h
* GPS positioning accuracy: 10 - 15m ( under the open sky )
* WiFi positioning accuracy: 0 - 30m ( covered with WiFi signal )
* LBS positioning accuracy: 100 - 2000m
* Working temperature:-20 to 70 centigrade
* Working humidity:5% -95% RH 
* Host size:65(length)x55(width) x17(height)mm/2.56 x 2.17 x 0.59 inches 
* Host weight:64g