World's Smallest Camera


World's Smallest Camera

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World's Smallest Digital Video Camera

The World's Smallest Camera written by: RetreatingReality The World's Smallest Camera is a spy camera about the size of the nickle that shoots in beautiful video resolution. The size of this camera allows you to carry it wherever you may need it, as well as provide you with the ability to capture video without anyone around you noticing. Let's say you are being bullied at school, and want a camera to have with you to capture this bullying and use it as evidence, well, this camera is perfect for you. It's small, it's easily hidden, and it is a true, high quality spy camera.

Not only can the camera be used to discreetly capture video, but it can also be used as a webcam! Some webcams may be bulky or hard to stabilize. This camera, being so small, is easily movable and can be attached to almost any surface by using a small amount of tape. Tack on that it shoots in crystal clear quality, as well as great audio, and you may have yourself a new, extremely portable, webcam.

But being a webcam is not the only other function of this camera. It can also be used as a stylish, and useful, USB storage device. Instead of keeping that bland flash drive on your key chain, replace it with a fully functional camera! This makes it so if you ever see something that you want to capture on video, and you carry your car keys with you, you will have a camera on you at all times!

This camera is easy to use, and lacks a multitude of buttons. The simple design, and the simple overall concept, make this camera perfectly usable for anyone and everyone. So if you need a spy camera, a tiny webcam, or just want something sleek to add to your key chain, the World's Smallest Camera is for you!

1. The world's smallest spy camera, Small enough to keep on you at all times. Virtually undetectable camcorder.
2. 640*480 video resolution
3. Every 3 minutes automatically save a video clip, This feature can make you more comfortable
4. Take crystal clear video with audio, also support shooting high quality pictures.
5. Can use as a webcam for your PC or laptop
6. U-disk function. Can use as a USB storage device for file transferring 

7. Memory can be taken up to 32GB(not included)

World's Smallest Camera

Video Format: AVI (M-JPEG)
Frames Per Second: 30 FPS
Minimum Illumination: 1 lux
Image Sensor: 2MP Color CMOS
Video Resolution: 640*480
Photo Resolution: 1280*1024
Built-in MIC: Yes
Time/Date Stamp: Yes
Recording Time: About 1 hour
Charging Time: About 3 hours to fully charge
Power: Rechargeable internal Li-ion battery
Memory card: TF, Micro SD, Up to 32GB
Size: 31*29*29mm
Weight: 16g
OS Compatibility: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista 32 / Windows7 (32 bit only)

Package Contents
1 x World's Smallest Digital Camera
1 x USB Cable
1 x Carrying lanyard
1 x English User manual
1 x Keychain latch
1 x CD driver