Mini Wireless Camera With Receiver


Mini Wireless Camera With Receiver

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Mini Wireless Camera With PC Based USB DVR Receiver

Ultra Mini 2.4Ghz Wireless Camera, it's a perfect covert camera that you can install in any where
Watching and recording the video or image from your computer with the wireless USB DVR
Suitable for monitoring children and elders, and widely used in entertainment place, bank, jewel shop, warehouse, supermarket, etc.
Built-in microphone for audio monitoring, the audio need close to the camera
Receive frequency: 2414MHz, 2432MHz, 2450MHz, 2468MHz, 4 channel 2.4Ghz wireless video and audio
Record file format AVI and play with WMP
Sharp and nature image with ture color
Auto brightness, white balance, color saturation, contrast, gamma
Advanced digital video control function
Min 100m transmission distance without block

Camera Specification
- 2.4G wireless mini camera
- Imaging sensor: 1/3" inch COMS
- Horizontal definition: 380 TV line
- Validity pixel: PAL: 628*582; NTSC:510*492
- View Angle: 62 Degrees
- Minimum Illumination: 1.5Lux*F1.5
- Modulation mode: 10mW
- Bandwidth: 18MHz
- Consumption current: 80mAh
- Unobstructed effective range: 100m
- Gain Control: Automatic.
- Operation Temperature: -10~+50 °C RH85% Max
- Storage Temperature:-40~+80 °C RH85% Max
- Dimension: ( W X L X H ): 25x35x15mm
- Weight: 60g
- Power Consumption: 8V DC; 500Ma
- Channel Frequency: DH1: 2414MHz DH2: 2432MHz DH3: 2450MHz DH4: 2468MHz

Receiver Specification
- Channel Selection: 4 channels, support 4 camera working together
- Receiving Channels: Ch1: 2414MHz, Ch2: 2432MHz, Ch3: 2450MHz, Ch4: 2468MHz 
- Video Recording Rate: 25/30FPS
- Video Format: AVI
- Recording Resolution: 720 x 576 pixels
- Image Resolution: 1440 x 1152 pixels
- Audio Recording: YES
- PC Transmitting Rate: 480bit/s with USB2.0 interface
- PC System Compatible: Window XP, Vista, 7
- Product Weight: 40g 
- Product Size: 100 x 30 x 15 mm
- Accessories: AV Cable, PC Driver

Packing List
1 * Wireless Camera
1 * Wireless USB Receiver
1 * AC adapter for the camera
1 * Battery Clip
1 * User Manual
1 * AV Cable
1 * CD Driver

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