Mini Battery Operated Wireless Security Camera With Receiver


Mini Battery Operated Wireless Security Camera With Receiver

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Mini Battery Operated Wireless Security Camera With Receiver

The camera have a built-in battery which support 2~3 hours recording, you can also charge it with the adaptor.
Watches over your home or office directly from your TV or VCR
Suitable for monitoring children and elders, and widely used in entertainment place, bank, jewel shop, warehouse, supermarket, etc.
2.4GHz ultra miniature wireless cameras
1/3, 1/4 CMOS camera, 380TV lines Sharp picture display
Built-in microphone for audio monitoring, the audio need close to the camera
Exquisite workmanship with a delicate design
Min 100m transmission distance without block
Easy to operate

Camera Specification
- Model: C-200 Mini CMOS
- 2.4GHz 4 channel wireless camera with Built-in battery
- 380TV lines sharp picture display
- PAL system
- Pickup:1/3" CMOS
- Works up to 4 hours per charge
- Frequency:ISM 2400MHz ~ 2483MHz
- CH1=2414MHz
- CH2=2432MHz
- CH3=2450MHz
- CH4=2468MHz
- View Angle: 62 Degrees
- Min 100m transmission distane without block
- Built-in microphone (transmits audio)
- AC-DC Charger/Adapter: 100V~240V AC
- Built-in 500mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery
- Stand/mount included
Dimensions: 2.95 in x 0.91 in x 0.91 in
Weight: 7.27 oz

Receiver Specification
- Channel Selection: button to switch to different 4 channels 
- Receiving Channels: Ch1: 2414MHz, Ch2: 2432MHz, Ch3: 2450MHz, Ch4: 2468MHz 
- Receiving Signal: Video and Audio 
- Demodulation Type: FM
- Input VSWR: 2:1
- Power adapter: DC 12V 1A 
- Power consumption: 3W
- Weight: 110 gram
- Receiver Size : 60 x 115 x 20mm

Package Details
Weight: 620 g 
Size: 19*22*8 cm

Packing List
1 * Wireless camera
1 * Wireless Receiver
1 * Antenna
1 * AC adapter for the camera
1 * AC adapter for the receiver
1 * User manual
1 * AV Cable

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This wireless security camera with built in battery makes it easy to put a camera anywhere you want to. Whether you are installing a camera at home, work, or just for fun you won't have to worry about running cables around your home.

Ease of Installation

Because this wireless camera has a built in battery you don't even need to worry about fitting it close to an electircal outlet. Instead you can charge the battery by plugging it in, and then when fully charged put it into position. The battery lasts for two to three hours which should be plenty for several different applications. When the battery is empty, it can then be recharged.

The receiver simply needs to be connected to a power supply, and then into a display such as a TV. It uses standard composite outputs which allow it to be connected to virtually any TV regardless of its age.

Range and Stability

The signal from the camera is very stable as it uses the 2.4Ghz bandwidth. This means that the picture will be reliable and should minimise the problems caused by interference and noise. The range should be at least 100 meters with a clear line of sight, however any obstabcles or walls could reduce the range. The range should be suitable for most homes and offices though.


There are many uses for this battery powered wireless security camera. It can be used as a conventional security camera, or it can be used to keep an eye on children. It can also be used as a hobby or an introduction to wireless camera technologies. The built in batteries do make it larger than some other wireless camera systems available, but there is no need to plug it in or wire it into batteries yourself.

This battery powered wireless security camera is the perfect way to add cameras to your home, office or shop without an expensive installation bill.

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