Light Bulb Spy Camera

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Light Bulb Spy Camera

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Light Bulb Spy Camera | Light Bulb Hidden Camera

Security cameras are prominent in this day and age because of its awesome benefits and numerous functionalities such as, you can see the operation of a certain business even if you are not actually in there, it prevents stealing or you can easily identify burglars if it comes to that situation. In short, it helps you monitor and see all the activities of a certain place or business. However, what is the point of using one, if the people that you want to monitor know how to avoid it because it is very visible? That is what makes Light Bulb Spy Camera standout. 

It is a spy camera that is situated inside a light bulb, which made it certainly invisible. It totally defines spy camera because it helps you monitor and keep track of certain people or place without their knowledge. It is not easily seen so people cannot hide from it, all activities and actions are easily revealed by using this awesome spy camera.

Light Bulb Spy Camera gives you lots of advantages such as:

1. Watch over your loved ones – This spy camera is perfect for working parents who usually leaves their kids alone at home or with their nanny. It helps parents watch over their kids to ensure your kid’s safety and your house as well. 

2. Monitor employees behavior – It is perfect in spying your employees behavior with or without the presence of their boss. This spy camera cannot be easily seen so they cannot hide from it, unlike any visible security cameras, tendencies are, some employees only performs when they know that they are in a monitored place.

3. Prevents burglars or shoplifters – It definitely prevents burglars and shoplifters. This spy camera records high quality videos so you can easily see any irregularities in a certain place. 

4. Security – It totally provides ultimate security in a certain place, house, or your loved ones. Just in case an unfortunate event happens like stealing, it can serve as a hard evidence to help authorities identify suspects and take necessary legal actions.

This spy camera provides high quality video, which is very important in a security camera, because just in case an unfortunate event happens. It is not enough to know how did it happen, it is also important that the person who did it would be properly identified. One greater thing about it is you can turn on the motion activation where in the camera would only start recording if it has detected any kind of movement in a certain place. It absolutely helps save energy and memory.

If you want to keep an eye on certain people or place to ensure their security and 100% efficiency, then Light Bulb Spy Camera is the best security camera for you or your business. It helps you monitor a certain location with absolutely zero visibility, which is very important in successful monitoring. It is very easy to install and have simple controls so it is great even for non-techie people. This amazing camera is indeed great in spying to ensure 100% security. 

HD 720P Or VGA 480P Video Resolutions
This light bulb spy camera could record HD 720P high quality videos, it's not like other online sellers who only provide low video resolution bulb cameras, and VGA 480P video resolution is also available.

AC Powered, No Need Battery, 7x24 Hours Monitoring
This camera is powered by alternating current just like a normal light bulb, so you will never worry about the batteries and working time, it support 7x24 hours security monitoring unless there is a power cut of your house.

H.264 Compression Format
This H.264 format could help to save many memory storages, then you can record longer videos.

Motion Activated Video
Features motion-activated recording, allowing you to save hours of useful footage. Just press a button on the remote controller.

IR Night Vision
This camera has built-in IR lamps and light sensitive sensor, automatically start night vision when darkness.

Remote Control
Control this light bulb spy camera wirelessly, it's very easy and simple to use the controller.

Easy to Install and No Wiring
Easy three simple steps to install this spy camera, just insert a micro sd card into the camera, then screw this camera into a lamp holder, and power on the lamp switch,  it's recording automatically now.

Save Video Files to Micro SD Card
Before recording, you need to insert a quality micro sd card into this camera.
For HD 720P: 8GB memory card support about 10 hours recording;
For VGA 480P: 8GB memory card could support about 40 hours recording.

Automatically Save Files Into Several Video Clips
For HD 720P: Save a video file every 10 minutes while real time recording mode, and every 2 minutes while motion activated recording mode
For VGA 480P: Save a video file every 30 minutes while real time recording mode, and every 5 minutes while motion activated recording mode

Cycle Recording
Automatically overwrite the old files when the micro sd card is full, so don't worry about the card storage when you take a longtime recording.

Replay at Any PC or Mac
After recording you can take out the memory card and insert it into a card holder and then connect them to your computer or mac, it's easy to play ant files in the card.

Setting Main Parameters Via The Software
First install the software included in the CD, the find out the section as below, then you can set each parameter in your way.

Video Resolution: HD 720P(default) / VGA 480P(settable)
Bulb Port Model: E27
Video Format:AVI
Encoding Mode: H.264 
Video Mode: Real-time Video(default) /Motion Detecting(settable)
Image Sensor: 1/4 CMOS Sensor
Camera Pixels: 5 Million Pixel HD Camera
Image Resolution: 1600*1200
Lens: 3.6mm
lens View Angle: 90°
Memory Card: Micro SD Card (TF Card) 2GB-32GB.(Not included)
Infrared Lamps: Third Generation IR Array Lamps (850nm ) / IR LED lights
White Light Lamps: 3W White Light Flood Lamp
Night Visual Range: 1-15m
Motion Detecting Range: 0-8m
Minimum Illustration: 0 Lux (infrared on), 0.5 Lux (infrared off)
Power Port: E27(standard bulb socket)
Bulb Input Voltage: AC110V-250V
Power: <5W
Working Temperature: -20°C ~ 75°C
Product Dimension: 108mm Height*72mm Diameter
Unit Weight: 130g

Packing List
1 x Light bulb spy hidden Camera
1 x Multi-functional Remote Controller
1 x User Manual
1 x CD
1 x Micro-SD Card Reader