HD USB Flash Drive Spy Pinhole Camera

1080P,Night Vision,Waterproof,HD

HD USB Flash Drive Spy Pinhole Camera

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HD USB Flash Drive Spy Pinhole Camera

This flash drive cum spy pinhole camera is an excellent device which can be used for both storage purposes and as a spy camera. Although it looks like a regular USB Flash drive which stores documents it contains a high-resolution color spy camera, designed to remain hidden.

The camera can record and photograph in color. It is high resolution- HD 720P.The camera can also functions in the dark since it has super-infrared night vision. The device can be used to record even while charging. The spy pinhole camera can be directly connected to your computer when you need to charge or transfer data. 

This spy pinhole camera can serve security purposes. It can be used to guard your office or home from break-ins by secretly recording the perpetrator. Want to catch someone going through your stuff at work, while you are away from your desk or cubicle, without their knowledge? If the answer is yes then the spy pinhole camera is the device you need. It looks like a USB flash drive therefore no one will recognize the device and you can casually place the device in on your table at work. Since it is an item anyone would expect to find in a normal office no one will suspect its function. Since it has a high capacity battery, you can get up to one hour of continuous recording with one charge, allowing you to simply turn it on when you are about to leave for a lunch or tea break. 

You can even use the device to keep an eye on your children while they are browsing on the internet or to check whether your kids swallow anything while playing -especially if they are toddlers and can’t tell you exactly what happened.

The flash drive/ pinhole camera is extremely light weight and therefore easily portable. Transporting it to any place including work is extremely easy. 

Users must not forget to copy old files on to the computer. Because once the micro SD card is full, the device will automatically overwrite old files which can result in a loss of data. The micro SD card has 32GB of storage so recording for long spans of time won’t be an issue.

Completely Hidden Design
It may look like a regular USB flash drive, but this little device is so much more! In addition to being able to store all your important documents, it's actually a high-resolution color spy camera!

High Resolution
This hidden camera not only record crystal clear HD 720P color video so you can see exactly what is going on, but also shoot high definition pictures.

Night Vision Function
Super-infrared night vision light, you can make a perfect image or video even in low light condition.

Recording While Charging 
You don't need to worry about the battery, you can record anytime.

No driver needed; No cables or wires, connects directly to your computer to transfer/charge.

Battery Powered
Built-in high capacity battery, get up to 1 hours of continuous recording time on a single charge.

Cycle Recording
Automatically overwrite the old files when the micro sd card is full, so please remember to copy the old files to your computer.

Save Video Files to Micro SD Card
The memory can support up to 32GB, so don't worry about the card storage when you take a longtime recording.

Format: AVI
Video Coding: M-JPEG
Video Resolution: 1280 x 720P
Frame Rate: 30fps
Picture Format: JPG
Picture Resolution: 1280 x 720
Picture Ratio: 4:3
Working Time: About 1 hour
Charge Voltage: DC-5V
Interface Type: Mini 5 pin USB 2.0
Memory Card Type: TF card
Battery Type: High capacity polymer lithium battery
Support System: Windows me / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Mac OS / Linux
Product Dimensions(L x W x H): 77 x 23 x 12 mm
Product Weight: 45g

Packing List
1 x Mini camera
1 x User Manual