Cell Phone Charging Dock Spy Hidden Camera

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Cell Phone Charging Dock Spy Hidden Camera

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Cell Phone Charging Dock Spy Hidden Camera

If you need a spy hidden camera that can blend into any room, home or office, this Cell Phone Charging Dock Motion Activated Self Recording Hidden Spy Camera is the perfect one.

No one will find it's a hidden camera, because it's just looks like a ordinary smartphone charging dock. With the covert pinhole camera len in it, you can get high quality 720P videos with this cool gadgets.

It's very simple to set up this hidden camera. First insert a max 32 GB micro sd card, and then plug the power cord into any power socket,  and remote control it to do anything you want.

After recording and you want to review the video files, just simply remove the micro sd card and insert it to your pc or mac with a card reader, then click the file you want to watch. Or you can also insert the micro sd card to a USB card reader and then insert the whole USB reader to your TV which support USB PLAY, select the signal sourse from external USB device, and play the files, it's all very simple.


AC Outlet Powered
This camera is powered by standard AC outlet and there are no batteries to worry about. You can record videos continuou 24 hours day by day.

720P HD Video
This camera could take clear 1280x720 high resolution videos.
Motion Activated And Auido Recording
Choose between motion activated  or continuous recording, you can also record separate audios if you want.

Records To Micro SD Card
Videos are recorded to Micro sd card(32gb max) and can be played back on computer or Macs.

Auto Overwriting
Automatically overwrite the old video filed when the micro sd card is full. So you will never worry about that the memory size is not enough.
Time And Date Stamp
There will be a date time embedded in the video files, so you will exactlly knows that when did the videos have been recorded.

Plug And Play
This charging dock spy camera support recording while charging, just put the camera in a right place and go out to work.

Remote Control
Use the included remote control to operate the camera, it's very easy.
You can rip off the blue protective film on the keypad if you like.

Pixels: 5.0 Mega CMOS
Video Resolution: 1280*720
Video Format: AVI  ( H.264 )
FPS: 30fps
View Angle: 120°
Motion Detection Distance: Direct 3~6 meters
Low Illumination: 1.5LUX
Memory Type: Micro SD card Max 32GB(Not Included)
Memory Consumption: 3GB per hour
Recording Modes Motion Activated or Continuous Recording
Operation System: XP/Vista32/Win7/Mac
Working Voltage: 5V

Packing List
Charging Dock Spy Camera  x 1
RF remote control  x 1
Micro USB cable    x 1(good quality)
USB Adaptor        x 1 (Optional)
User manual        x 1