Car Keys Micro Camera

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Car Keys Micro Camera

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Car Keys Micro Hidden Camera

1.IR night vision functions, record clear video in darkness environment.
2.Motion detection. The camera can sense the movement, so you'll not miss anything happen
3.Take clear HD 1080P video, shoot high resolution pictures at 4032*3024
4.Reording while charging, you can continue recording if connect to the power source when the battery out of power.
5.Built-in 8GB memory and memory can be taken up to 32GB

Spy gadgets are latest technological advancement that has revolutionized the world as there are some important, super-secret moments that you need to record without any fuss or hassle. These gadgets are available in many forms and can be used in various situations where you want to keep an eye on the activities around you as a means of protection.

An Efficient Spy Device. The car keys micro camera is a very discreet recording device because it is small enough to be carried around with your car keys. Despite its size, it can capture high-resolution photos, crystal-clear audios, and excellent quality videos. It is a portable spy device designed to operate with the touch or the button.

You can also use the car key micro camera to keep an eye on the activities of your children. It can help you monitor your children, and ensure that they do not over speed their vehicles or violate any traffic rule. The car keys micro camera can also be used to safeguard your vehicles against theft.

A Convenient Spy Gadget. You can carry it anywhere you go and it is a great tool for investigators and detectives to record important evidence of crimes. The car keys micro camera can also be used to record a car accident, take snapshots of important events, record the face of the thief, or capture a once in a lifetime moment.

At times when you witness any kind of illegal activities, you can use this spy gadget to record the activity in secret so you will not expose yourself to danger. The photo or video you record can be turned over to authorities, as we are duty-bound to help maintain the law and order in our community.

You can easily view or download your spy footage by plugging it into any USB 2.0 port. It also has a long-lasting battery power, and an expandable memory, so you will not worry about missing any action. The car keys micro camera is a handy and functional spy gadget that is a great investment for anyone.

Video Form: AVI
Video Code: M-JPEG
Video Resolution: 1920 * 1080P
Image Resolution: 4032 * 3024
Image Form: JPG
Memory: Built-in 8GB
Software: Operation system or major audio and video playback software
Voltage: DC-5V
Data Transfer Interface: Mini 4 pin USB
Battery type: High capacity polymer lithium battery
OS: Windows me/200/xp/2003/vista; Mac os 10.4: Linux

Package Contents
1 x car keychain camera
1 x usb cable
1 x user manual