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Bluetooth Earpiece Spy Camera

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Bluetooth Spy Camera | Spy Bluetooth Earpiece | Spy Bluetooth Headset

The Ultimate Bluetooth Spy Camera
At one point having a personal spy camera was something you would only see in movies.  However, this has become a reality with many different types of personal spy cameras on the market.  Of these cameras some are more effective than others and there are some that are more technical.  One of the ultimate spy cameras is the Bluetooth Spy Camera.  

How it is Different
The Bluetooth Spy Camera is different to other spy cameras because it is completely handsfree.  It’s a wearable spy camera hanging on the ear just like wearing on a ordinary bluetooth headset. And this is  the main factor that it is different from others normal spy cameras. In some cases, this fake bluetooht spy camera can do somethings others can not do.

Being Incognito
The basis of a spy camera is that no-one is able to see it.  While you can get spy cameras that peak out through your clothing there is always the chance that someone will see it.  This is not something you have to worry about with a Bluetooth Spy Camera.  The camera actually looks and works in a similar manner to a Bluetooth mobile phone headset.  

As this camera looks like a Bluetooth headset you never have to worry about people knowing that you are filming.  The camera is also easy to carry around and you will not look odd putting it on when you need to take video.  

What it Records
When you look at any covert equipment you need to consider what it actually records.  There are some covert cameras that only take pictures and others that take fairly low quality videos.  The Bluetooth Spy Camera offers you high quality videos and pictures.  The videos are taken in HD and they have an audio recording as well.  This is something that you can find hard to do with other covert cameras because of the design.  

There are two features of this camera that you need to know about which make it better than many on the market.  These features are the cycle record and the pre-record feature.  The cycle record ensures that you always record when you want to by overwriting any of the old recording when the memory card is full.  The pre-record feature is a very popular one because it allows the camera to record one second of video before you set it up to.  

How it is Stored
The memory in the camera is important because it is so highly portable.  There is a small amount of internal memory that you get, but it is the expandable memory that you want to look at.  The camera has an external memory card slot which works with a MicroSD card.  These cards come in a range of sizes including 32GB.  This is the maximum size you can use with this device, but should be enough for all your covert recording needs.

There are many reasons why a Bluetooth Spy Camera is the best option for all covert recording.  The primary reason is the fact that it looks like an ordinary Bluetooth headset.  This allows for covert recording at any time and enhances the primary function of the device. 

Covert Design
No one will find it's a hidden camera, because it's just looks like a ordinary bluetooth earphone, and it's very small and easy to carry.

FULL HD Video Resolution
This device could take max 1920 x 1080P high quality videos with audio, default 720P.

Wearable Spy Device
It's a real wearable spy device, put on this fake bluetooth earphone and go around while you can use you hands to do any other things, and no one will doubt you.

Taking Video And Photo
This fake bluetooth earphone spy camera could not only recording HD videos with audio, but also taking high quality 4032*3024 photos.

H. 264 Compression Format
This camera adopt advanced H.264 compression code, it will help to save many storage space.

Wide View Angle Lens
Internal 90 degree A+high resolution super wide view angle len could help to capture wide range images.

Cycle Recording
Automatically overwrite the old files when the memory card is full filled.

One Second Pre-recording
This bluetooth headset camera support pre-recorded fuction, the camera cuold record front one second of videos automatically before the instruction.

Lens: 90 degree A+high resolution super wide view angle 
Anti-shake technology: Support
Resolution: 1920×1080, 1440×1080, 1280x720 (default), 640x480  
Compressing format: H.264, Audio: PCM
Exposure metering: Center weighted
White balance: AUTO
Color: Standard
Cycle recording: Support
Prerecord: 1 second
File recovery function: Support
Built-in memory: Available:21.1MB, Total:32MB
Photo pixel: 12 MP
Photo format: Exif 2.2 (JPEG)
External Memory card: Micro SD card, max 32GB (not included)
Microphone: Support
Video format: PAL/NTSC
Frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
USB function: 1.TF card   2.Charge
Power port: 5V 800ma
Battery BL: -5C 350mAH

Packing Lists
1 x Fake Bluetooth Headset Spy Camera
1 x USB cable
1 x User manual

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