Bluetooth Headset Spy Camera HD 720P DVR

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Bluetooth Headset Spy Camera HD 720P DVR

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Bluetooth Headset Spy Camera HD 720P DVR

NOTE: This device does not function as an actual Bluetooth.
This bluetooth headset spy camera DVR is disguised with the bluetooth earphone look. It is not a real bluetooth earphone, but it's a perfect wearable hidden camera that uses motion detection to capture videos and images. This Bluetooth Spy Camera supports up to 32GB of storage. It's powered by a rechargeable 350mAh internal battery.

This Spy Camera DVR makes a great addition to any body-worn camera arsenal. Perfect hands free ability to covertly record clear and sharp pictures while on the move. Great gift for that sports enthusiasts wanting to capture that perfect stunt. This Earphone Spy Camera enables you to record others activities as well as your own.

1. Look like a bluetooth earpiece with HD spy camera.
2. Records 720P HD video and takes still images.
3. Time and date stamp on video and photos
4. Rechargeable internal 350mAh battery
5. Storage: MicroSD card support up to 32GB
6. AVI video format and JPEG image format
7. Compatible with Microsoft Windows up to Windows 8 and OS X
8. One year warranty

Bluetooth Earphone Headset Spy Camera DVR Specifications:
* 1/4COMS Image Sensor
* Video Resolution: 1280x720
* Video Format: AVI
* Frames per Second: 30
* Motion Detection: Yes
* Photo Resolution: 1600*1200
* Photo Format: JPEG
* Water Resistant: No
* Type of Memory: MicroSD Card
* Memory Capacity: 32GB
* Recording Capacity:
2GB - 1 hour
4GB - 2 hours
8GB - 4 hours
16GB - 8 hours
32GB - 16 hours
USB Interface: USB 2.0
Player Software VLC recommended
Operating Systems: Windows 2000-Windows 8, OS X, and Linux

Bluetooth Camera DVR Contents:
- Bluetooth Headset Camera DVR
- Charging Cable
- MicroSD card and adapter
- Instructions