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Best Spy Pen Camera

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Best spy pen camera features

What is best spy pen camera?

When you want to buy a spy pen, do you feel it's flooded with cheap and low quality pen cameras on the market?

Are you feel difficult to choose a good spy pen that are worth spending your money on?

Would you like to get a best spy pen--number one on the market in a reasonable price?

If yes, you are in the right place.

Here are some suggestions for how to distinguish the spy pens, and tell you how to find the best spy pen.

First, we need to know what spy pen can be called a best spy pen? I think it needs to meet the following conditions:

1. Can record very clear video resolution and picture in all environments. It's very important for gathering the crucial evidence.

2. Covert design. When you recording the evidence, you must confirm that no one will suspect it.

3. The pen camera must have a sensitive reaction, otherwise, you will miss some important moments.

4. Easy operation. May be you feel a little nervous when gathering evidence, so you need to choose a spy pen which can operate easily.

5. Large storage space. You need to confirm that the spy pen can store hours of videos and thousands of pictures, otherwise, you'll miss some important moments.

6. Reasonable price. We should know GOOD QUANTITY ≠ HIGH PRICE.

7. High capacity built-in battery. Battery life is sometimes crucial when it comes to being covert and undercover.

If you agree with the above points of view, congratulations! You come to the right place, this spy pen must be the one you're looking for.

Main features of this best spy pen camera.

Now, let's have a look at this best spy pen.

>>>FULL HD 1080P

Inside this ballpoint pen is a full 1080p high resolution video camera, it can record 1080p at 30 frames per second, or 720p at 60 frames per second.

It's the first pen camera which can record at 60 fps.

And it's also the number one spy pen on the market which has customized video settings, such as exposure, white balance, contrast, saturation, volume, time stamps, and much more.

Additional, with a low illumination lens, you can record video and shoot still photos in all environments.

>>> Covert Design

This best spy pen has a discreet look the lens is discreetly located near the clip.

Additionally, the pen actually works and functions as a ballpoint pen so you can even write with it, no one will doubt there has a pinhole lens in it.

The most important thing is no blink light-- a small LED only glows for a moment when you begin to record.

>>> High Quality

This pen camera's mainboard is designed and produced in Japan, once you give a operation, the pen camera will begin to work very quickly.

>>> Easy Operation

Only has one button, very easy to operate. No matter you want to record video or shoot picture, only through this button to control.

Our best spy pen only one button to control all the operations. Not like the other spy pens on the market, need to take the pen apart, and slide the mode switch to convert the mode.

Please see below picture, 95% spy pens on market are like this, it’s not convenient when you gather the evidence. 
no need switch mode

>>> High Capacity Internal Memory

This spy pen has a built-in 32GB memory, you don't need to buy additional SD card. And the pen camera use the newest H.264 compressed format, in the same condition, it can save more videos and pictures.

>>> Competitive Price

As the manufacturer, we face to all customers directly, we can offer you the best price.

>>> Built-in High Capacity Li-ion Battery

Built-in 380 mAh lithium battery, on a full charge, you can expect around 70 to 80 minutes of battery life. The other spy pens' battery capacity are about 180-240mAh on the market.

>>> Money Back Guarantee

We offer 30 days money back and a generous 1 year warranty for the product, and we also offer the world-wide free shipping.

Compared to our competitors similar spy pens

spy pen camera compare


This pen camera has a real high quality camera lens, which could be compared with a professional camera. And this spy pen hidden camera support the hand image stabilization, you could also get a clear video clips when you’re walking, moving or shaking the pen camera, it’s a big advantage than others spy pen.

Another big feature of this best spy pen camera is that it has a huge 32GB built-in memory. You will not need to purchase an extra micro SD card, 32GB is enough for most users. And this pen also support overwrite function,  you will not miss the last video clips even if the built-in memory is full filled.

Only one button, easy to use. There is only one button on the top of the pen for all operations, no need any mode-switch button.  Just put the pen in your pocket, pen container or anywhere, and then make it go on.

No blink and lights while recording video clips, so it’s more discreet than others blinking spy pen. And we strongly recommend you take it back home if you need a really 100% covert designed spy pen  which has a built-in camera.

There are a lot of ways where you can make use of this simple yet captivating tool. It can be managed by parents to spy on their nannies or their kids, by husbands to discern if their spouse is cheating on them, or by businessmen to determine the traitor inside their company.  If you don’t have a camera during your travels, a spy pen can be of good use as it can both write and capture memories in a snap. It can be employed inside or outside the comfort of your own home, your office, in school, and in many different places. It can be placed inside your pocket without anyone noticing it. Let your imagination flow and be your guide. Anyone with a certain purpose of using it can have and can use this spy pen camera. Everyone can have this tool with just a click away.

Video Samples

(Please choose 1080P HD before watching)


Video format: MOV
Video compressed format: H.264
Video resolution: 1920*1080P/1280*720P 
Video frame: 1080P/30fps; 720P/max 60fps
Photo format: JPG 
Photo resolution: 2048x1536
View angle: 65°
Minimal illumination: 1 Lux
USB port: USB 2.0
Battery Capacity: 380mAH
Memory card: Built-in 32GB
Charging voltage: DC 5V/500mA
Dimensions: 155×14.5×14.5mm
Weight: 50g

Packing Lists

1 x Best Spy Pen Camera
2 x Ink Refills
1 x Manual

Instruction Manual

Construction Introduction


1. Power On/Off
--Press and hold the button on top of the pen about 2 seconds, the blue light will go on, then green light blink sometimes quickly then go off, the pen start recording video;
--Press and hold the button about 2 seconds until the indicator go off, it means power off.

2. Video Recording
--When you power on the spy pen, it will record video automatically;
--Press the button once to stop recording video, and the blinking green indicator will change into solid blue, at
--If you want to continue recording video, please press the function button again to start;
-- For continuous recording, the video will be saved every 10 minutes.

3. Take Picture
--In standby mode( solid blue light), double click the function button, the blue and green light will blink alternately, it means pen camera in picture mode;
--Click the button once to take a picture, the blue indicator blink twice quickly to indicate that the picture was taken successfully.
--If you want to quit the picture mode, double click the function button, the pen will come back to standby mode (solid blue light).

4. Auto Power Off
--When the battery is low, the blue light will blink for seconds, and the pen will be shut down.
--When the memory is full, the blue and green light will blink for seconds the power off.
--In standby mode, if there no any operation within 3 minutes, it will be shut down to save the power.

5. Charging
This spy pen has a internal rechargeable battery, it can be charged by the following ways:
--Plug the pen camera into your computer via USB port for charging
--Connect the pen to DC-5V adapter to charge.
Blink blue indicator means the pen is in charging; Solid blue indicator means a full charge,

6. Reset
When the pen works abnormal, you can try to reset it.
--Insert a thin needle or a toothpick into the reset hole, press the reset button inside the hole. Then restart the pen, it may work normally.

7. Customized Setting
Plug the pen into the computer USB port, a new removable disk will appear on the computer screen. Open the removable disk, you will find the file setup.exe under the root directory, double-click the file to run it, following window will appear:
customized setting

You can set date/time, frame size, image quality, audio volume and etc. When the setting is finished, click the button "Create configuration file" on the lower left to save the settings.

To make the settings take effect, disconnect the unit with computer, and turn the unit on.

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