Alarm Clock Spy Hidden Camera


Alarm Clock Spy Hidden Camera

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Alarm Clock Hidden Camera | Alarm Clock Spy Camera

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The Most Classic Alarm Clock Hidden Camera For Nanny, Elderly, Home And Business, Also Most Affordable Travel Alarm Clock Spy Camera with Built-in DVR Recording.

Designed to look like an ordinary digital clock- this clock is also a video surveillance camera. This camera has several different recording options-motion detection or still picture camera or sound recording or and regular video-and it can also be used as a web camera. With a push of the included remote control you can start the recording from up to 60 feet away. The motion detection camera will save battery life and memory by only recording when there is action.

Don't you sometimes wish when going out that you could record what's going on at home? Whether you want to see what your dog does when you're at work, want to spy on your kids, or simply want to know who comes into your office while you're not around, we have the perfect product for you. Designed to look as ordinary as possible, this digital alarm clock has an almost undetectable spy camera. With its advanced motion sensor technology, this camera can start recording without any buttons being pushed. This motion detection feature will save battery life and memory of the device by beginning to record only when there is action. The package also contains a remote control with which you can command the camera to start recording from 60 feet away!

Its Lithium-ion battery is capable of up to 12 hours of continuous video recording when fully charged. This highly portable camera can be used as an excellent nanny recorder. Moreover, it can also double as a webcam, audio recorder and still-picture camera. It supports a Micro SD card, which means it will rarely run out of memory. Needless to say, this device can also function as a normal alarm clock. The product is quite affordable and comes with a remote control, a USB cable and an easy-to-read manual. So, get this high-tech alarm clock with a hidden spy camera today!

Motion Detection and Motion Activated,Remote control
12 Hour Li-Ion battery
Small and portable size (4 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall)
Excellent nanny camcorder

Video Format: AVI
Video Resolution: 640*480
Frame Rate: 30 FPS
Photo Resolution: 1280*960
Video recording time over 12 hours 
Voice recording time over 25 hours 
Taking photo 
Remote control operation 
Viewing angle 72 degrees 
Motion detection video 
Charging time 4 hours 
Supporting Micro SD cards or TF cards up to 32GB (not included)
1GB consumed every 30 minutes 
Photographing 6 meters for straight-line distance 
Remote operating distance 15 meters ​

The time alarm will be triggered every 10 minutes if the clock i s on the snooze function. It can alarm 6 times maximally.
High quality monitor, protect personal privacy data and information confidential.
The ring of "Beep" will be become louder generally. And it will last 1 minute.
If adopting the melody as the ring, the clock will alarm when theelody ends.
Multiple rings for choice: Beep, cock, etc. 5 melodies for option.
The time and minute can be displayed in a 3.5 bit LCD panel.
Time-showing system of 12 hours and 24 hours is available.
Support one key long-distance audio recording function.
Fit for home, hotel, restaurant, Small Shop, etc.
Two on-the-hour alarm functions for choice.
5 buttons: HR, MIN, SET, LIGHT, TALK/SNZ.
Support PC camera function.

Package contents
1 Remote Control 
1 Software Disc 
1 Charging Cable 
1 USB Cable 
1 User's Manual ​

Instruction Manual
Pls download below detailed instruction manual
Alarm Clock Spy Camera Instruction Manual Download

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