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Spy Watches For Men

Spy Watches For Men This hidden camera spy watch serves all your spy needs, since it can not only capture high resolution still photos, but...

Spy Watches For Men This hidden camera spy watch serves all your spy needs, since...

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Spy Watches for Women

Spy Watches for Women This is a fashionable spy watch for women, it is really a surprising works from sophisticated craftsmanship. About this awesome 720P...

Spy Watches for Women This is a fashionable spy watch for women, it is really...

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Womens Spy Watch With Auto IR Night Vision

Womens Spy Watch Highlights 1. Automatic infrared sensor The watch will automatically start recording with IR night vision, no manual operation is required when recording...

Womens Spy Watch Highlights 1. Automatic infrared sensor The watch will automatically start recording with...

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Spy Wrist Watch Cameras

The recent trend of adopting latest technology in all categories has forced production of evolved products. Cameras first used to come as a single product, but soon they were built in the phones as well and then in the watches too. 1940 was the year when the first ever spy camera was made and since the 20th century the spy camera has been evolved so much that it has started to come in many different unique products. And spy watch camera is the representative.

Features of our spy watch camera
1. Completely covert design, no one will find it is a spy device, James Bond also wearing this wrist watch in his 007 series movies. 
2. Easy to wear, spy watches are the ture wearable spy equipment, and this is the unique character that different with others spy equipment.
3. Beautiful appearance, our spy watch cameras have elegant design, they are also exquisite decorations for you, especially some female models are very suitable for ladies.
4. Capturing FULL HD 1080P video, most of our spy watch cameras could take 1080P HD videos with audio, if you need high quality spy cameras, then our devices are perfect for you.
5. Could recording audio separately, if you don't need videos or it's inconvenient to shoot video, then you can only recording the audio while putting your hand on any where. Most of our watches could do that.
6. They are waterproof. Sometimes it would rain or you need to shoot underwater, then this waterproof feature will help you to go any where. Most of others spy cameras could do it.
7. Night vision, parts of our spy wrist watch have built in IR LED NIGHT VISION Lights, they will help to captue video in dark environment. 

Who need a spy wrist watch
Journalist: In many cases reporters need to capure video covertly and can't be found.
Legal practitioners: Sometimes spy watch camera will help to obtain valid evidence.
Professional spies: More tools, more successes
Students: Exam cheating, shooting in the party,classroom and anywhere.
Any others: No matter for what purpose, the spy watch camera is a cool gadget for you.

How to use it
The use of spy camera really depends on the situation and there as many common life situation where one needs a camera to collect evidence and proofs. Spy camera in the wrist watch will empower you and will make you more confident. Consider a situation where you are being harassed at school but when you take the case to the counselor, he is unable to help because of the lack of evidence. There are many similar situations and in such situations a spy camera becomes a necessity. Without anyone else suspecting you of spying you can just get a spy wrist watch camera. Since everyone wears a watch, you would not be accused of having a spy camera on the watch.

Consider the spy wrist watch camera as a small handy device that can collect all the important data you wish to collect and store. You can do this without other people noticing you or bothering you. Spy wrist watch camera will work like your personal security guard and a private detective who will have your back when the times are difficult. It is a detective since it will allow you to collect all the necessary information in both audio and video formats and it acts as a security guard in a sense that it might help in safeguarding your interests once you have the evidence. Once you have recorded the information, you can easily transfer it to your computer’s hard drive through a USB cable that is a facility given by many such spy wrist watch cameras. 

Quality of output
The recordings that your spy wrists watch camera will take might vary in quality. This quality will be determined by the kind of watch you purchase. ‘Security Bees’ has a wide collection of spy wrist camera watches from which you can choose from. You need to decide how much storage your watch will need. If you are for instance making some sort of documentary and require immense storage, then you should get a watch with storage as high as 16GB. Watches come in different camera qualities as well. Some cameras will take 1080p HD videos, which are the best form of videos while some will take 720p videos, which are also HD and give very decent results. Some of the other characteristics of spy watches include being water proof, sound activation and night vision as well in case you want to spy on someone in the dark. You need to keep your requirements in view and since there are many different spy watches out there, you would not be disappointed to find out that there is everything out there to meet your expectations and needs.

Can be used for fun!
Perhaps the best thing about a spy wrist watch camera is that it is very portable and easy to carry around wherever you go. With the help of this camera you can easily take fun videos for your collection as well. It is now widely accepted that people behave differently when they are aware that a camera is watching them. Think about the things you can do with your spy camera without anyone being aware of it. You can slide in a party smoothly and take videos of your friends behaving crazy and then keep such videos for later use or as memories to cherish. Spy wrist watch cameras cannot only be used for the serious things and it is quite evident. If you have kids or pets at your home, then you are in great luck if you own a spy wrist watch camera. Children and pets are known to be shy of camera and with your spy camera you can take some amazing shots.

Our spy watches looks like a normal wristwatch, but they have an embedded micro HD camera. The built-in pinhole lens can capture HD video or snaps pictures with the touch of a button.

The spy camera watch is great for any personal notes you need to record on the go. Because of the covert design, no one will suspect it's a spy device, and you'll never lose your files when you wear them on your wrist.

All the spy watches offered by securitybees are multifunctional, they are motion detection, IR night vision, sound-activated...It can even be used a flash driver and webcam.