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Spy Cam Glasses HD 1080P

Spy Cam Glasses This Spy Cam Glasses Has A Semi-Rimmed Appearance And A HD 1080P Hidden Spy Camera Lens, The Len Hidden In The Hole...

Spy Cam Glasses This Spy Cam Glasses Has A Semi-Rimmed Appearance And A HD 1080P...

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Spy Camera Glasses HD 1080P

Spy Camera Glasses HD 1080PThis spy camera glasses is the perfect choice of driving and outdoor activities, such as cycling/ fishing/ hunting/ traveling/ climbing, etc. It...

Spy Camera Glasses HD 1080PThis spy camera glasses is the perfect choice of driving and outdoor...

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Spy Glasses With Hidden HD Camera

Spy Glasses With Hidden HD Camera 5MP HD 1080P Spy Camera Glasses Camera For Sale, Easy To Operate, Beautiful Appearance, Well Covert. Worldwide Shipping. Most...

Spy Glasses With Hidden HD Camera 5MP HD 1080P Spy Camera Glasses Camera For Sale,...

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Spy Sunglasses With Camera

Spy Sunglasses With Camera There are a lot of spy gear on the market, why people are willing to choose this spy glasses? Let's have...

Spy Sunglasses With Camera There are a lot of spy gear on the market, why...

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Spy Sunglasses With HD Built-in Video Camera

Spy Sunglasses With HD Built-in Video Camera Anyone who needs to record an outdoor meeting or event without being noticed will definitely find something to...

Spy Sunglasses With HD Built-in Video Camera Anyone who needs to record an outdoor meeting...

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Spy glasses for the masses

If you grew up watch spy shows like 007 or Get Smart, you probably are somewhat familiar with the concept of spy gear.  In the 1970’s, the idea of cutting-edge spy technology was talking into your shoe or a computerized watch.  Today we have a variety of amazing gadgets and devices that classify as spy gear.  SecurityBees.com has one the neatest technologies on the market for sale at a reasonable price, spy glasses.  Today’s spy glasses are completely nondescript.  They have a tiny hole through which the camera records video as well as takes still shots.  The operation takes place at the touch of a button and is saved onto a SD card.  You can choose your recording time with the size of SD card you place in the glasses.  And forget about grainy security cam footage, these glasses record in 1080 HD, so you get a superior picture.  If you think spy tech is only useful for catching your neighbor stealing your Sunday paper, you are wrong.  Today’s spy tech has hundreds of daily uses.  

Why would you need spy glasses?

I would place a bet on the fact that the majority of people looking into purchasing spy glasses or not cops, corporate spies, or intelligence agents.  Sure, spy glasses are super-cool, but what practical application could these contraptions possibly have?  You might be surprised by the multitude of uses these gadgets have.  For instance, are you a complete klutz?  Use the spy glasses in place of your standard video camera so you do not drop and damage it.  If you are an adrenaline junkie, use the spy glasses to record your next mountain climb or canoe trip.  Want to record the high school hockey game and watch it?  Then the spy glasses serve as a hands free filming device.  Honestly, the possibilities of this technology are endless.  Here are some unusual ways to use your pair:
• Use in place of a standard video camera so you do not miss a moment of action.
• Take videos of your kids doing cute things without them realizing your videoing them.
• Record yourself doing an activity that uses your hands like knitting or woodwork.
• Remember your next long bike trip by recording your experience.
• Record your professor so you can re-watch the lecture before a test. 
• Record first-person perspective for you YouTube videos.
• Catch a co-worker doing something they should not be doing.

These are only a few of the hundreds of great uses for spy glasses.  You do not need to be James Bond to own this stellar device.  The use of the spy glasses comes down to one simple idea; if you need to record someone or something discreetly or hands free, then these glasses are for you.  These glasses are inconspicuous and unobtrusive, and they have an attractive modern look that is very similar to standard eye or sun glasses.  The camera is unbelievably small and completely unnoticeable.   And the best thing about these glasses is that you turn them on with the push of a button and then have 100% use of your hands while filming. 

The spy glasses also take incredible still shots.  At the touch of a button you can get incredible candid images of your pets or children.  It is incredibly quick to take stills with the glasses; therefore you will never miss another great shot.  If you find that you often miss great pictures because your camera is not at hand and your phone takes too long to bring the camera up, then the spy glasses could solve that issue.

Where and when would you wear these glasses?

The short answer to this question is anywhere!  There is nothing about these glasses that makes them appear any different from regular eye glasses.  No one around you will be able to tell that you are wearing video-recording glasses.  You can be assure that you will catch candid moments and not obstruct your view.  

One of our customer have found that one of the best venues to use these glasses at is at sporting events.  His son plays pee-wee football, and these glasses are the absolute best for recording his games.  He love cheering and watching his son play, but if he is stuck behind a video camera, he miss most of the action.  These glasses completely solve that problem.  He simply put in a SD card and place the glasses on his face to capture all the great action on the field.  The camera automatically films the best action because that is what he was looking at.  He can see this same scenario playing out across many different settings.  Have a dance recital to attend?  Try the glasses.  It would also work for art showings, baseball games, band competitions, parades, or even hiking.  You can record all your favorite activities without even thinking about it.  All you have to do is hit the button and you are automatically filming everything you are looking at.

You do not have to be film student or a Hollywood director to get the best video with this camera.  But there are some basic filming rules you will need to know in order to get high-quality video.  The spy glasses do not contain a light source (for obvious reasons); therefore you will need to be sure you are filming in an adequately lighted space.   You also need to be aware of where your light source is and where it is directed.  If your camera is pointed directly toward a very bright light you may not get the best possible picture.  Use of the camera only requires common sense, but it helps to think about what you are filming in order to get excellent footage.  I would suggest playing with the spy glasses before setting out for your big event.  They beauty of the SD storage is that the files can be placed on a computer and the SD card be used again and again.  

It is important to think about the covert uses of these glasses as well.  If you need to document someone being threatening towards you, or if you need to prove a co-worker is doing something inappropriate, then these glasses could be a very helpful tool.   These glasses are noiseless and emit no light.  They also are identical to normal eye-glasses which means no one will think twice about you wearing them.  It is impossible for anyone but you to tell when they are in use.  They are the ultimate in clandestine recording devices, and they can be yours.  Technology like this is no longer relegated to the movies.

It is imperative that you remember that people may not like the idea that you are recording them without their permission.  You are also usually forbidden from recording movies, concerts, and theatre.  Violation of these rules could cause you to receive hefty fines or even jail time.  Consider carefully before recording anything that might be illegal.   If you are in a legal situation, please consult your attorney as to whether video from these glasses will be admissible in court.  Laws are very different from country to country, and some places do not allow the use of hidden film to be admitted as court evidence.  

Where and How to purchase spy glasses

The cost of spy technology has decreased drastically in the past decade, and due to this decrease, products like this are available to purchase at an assortment of quality levels.  There are even spy glasses available for children!  However, most of these devices are low-quality, easily broken, and produce inferior videos.  You have to trust whom you purchase from is providing you with a superior product.

There are lots of retailers on the internet selling every sort of bit and bobble.  The truth is that you can get spy glasses from a variety of sellers with a range of prices.  With so many choices to wade through, how will you know what to purchase?  It can be a daunting decision, fortunately Securitybees.com offers some of the best products, service, and support available.  Here are some reasons why you should shop with us:
1. We specializes in small cameras for personal and security use.  We know our products inside and out and are offer the best possible products for the best prices.
2. We offer free worldwide shipping.  Yes, worldwide.  You will never pay outrageous shipping prices at our store.
3. All of the products offered on SecurityBees.com are tested by industry experts.  Therefore, you know before purchasing that the item performs to a high standard.
4. We offers an unquestioned 30-day money back guarantee.
5. We back up our products with free lifetime technical support and product consultation.


It's like something out of a spy moive, but it's real, and it can be all yours. Look at our hidden camera---spy glasses, these covert recording devices are hands free, and completely inconspicuous. Nobody will think that your normal-looking glasses are actually fully functional video recorders. It can not only record hours of HD video, but also capture high resolution stills. When the spy glasses recording, it's noiseless and no light, so you can record quality surveillance video of everyone around you without people's notice.

Compare to wireless camera, smoke detector camera, camera glasses don't require any outside wires to function, all you need to capture hours of high-quality video is an SD card. 

Besides this, the spy glasses is very easy to use, it begin recording only with the push of a button. Anyway, it's a perfect spy device.

There are so many excellent reasons to purchase this awesome technology from SecurityBees.com that you should be ordering now!  The prices of these devices are cheaper than buying a traditional video recorder, and they produce excellent photos.  With so many uses, these glasses make and excellent gift for any number of friends or relatives.  And who would not love to get such a cool gadget?  If you have ever thought about purchasing spy glasses, now is the time and SecurityBees.com is the place.  Put them in your basket now, and you will not be disappointed.