Smoke Detector Camera

Smoke Detector

HD 1080P Wireless Smoke Detector Camera

Wireless Smoke Detector Camera HD 1080P IR Night Vision Wireless Smoke Detector Camera With Remote Control. A smoke detector is something that catches very little...

Wireless Smoke Detector Camera HD 1080P IR Night Vision Wireless Smoke Detector Camera With Remote...

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Smoke Detector

Night Vision Smoke Detector Camera

 Smoke Detector Camera, Night Vision Smoke Detector Camera This is a high-tech spy camera embedded in an ordinary smoke detector. It has advanced features like...

 Smoke Detector Camera, Night Vision Smoke Detector Camera This is a high-tech spy camera embedded...

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Smoke Detector

Wifi Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Wifi Smoke Detector Hidden Camera, Wifi Smoke Detector Cam Portable P2P Function UFO Wifi Smoke Detector Hidden Camera for Iphone And Android, Wifi Smoke Detector...

Wifi Smoke Detector Hidden Camera, Wifi Smoke Detector Cam Portable P2P Function UFO Wifi Smoke...

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What is smoke detector spy camera?

The define of a smoke detector spy camera is that there is a hidden pinhole camera embed in a normal smoke detector, it has a covert design and no one will find out it’s a spy camera. 

Features and benefits

Covert Design - Designed to be hidden in any environment.
Simple Operation - Just install the camera to the ceiling or anywhere you like, then it’s go on.
Wide Angle Of View - Usually the smoke detector cameras are installed in the high place, so it could monitor a large range.
Remote Control Or Wifi - Use the included IR remote to control recording or monitoring everything with your smartphone.
Recording To Micro SD Card - Video files could be recorded to an Micro SD card (most of our camera support this feature), and can be played back on any PC or Mac computer.
Max HD 1080P Video Resolution - With just some simple operations, you can easily record full true HD color video.
24 Hours Monitoring - You can monitor you house with 7x24 hours
Almost available in anywhere - This kind of spy camera could be used in any houses

Who need the smoke detector spy camera

The smoke detector camera is great for parents who work outside of the home and would like to ensure the safety of their children from a far. The smoke detector portion of the camera easily blends into the home. It’s great as a nanny cam or as a way to make sure their kids stay out of trouble after school or during summer breaks. This spy camera is also great to monitor pets while away from the house.

The Aged
This spy camera can also be used as a Granny Cam. It’s not easy taking care of an aging loved one. However, the smoke detector spy camera makes it easier to monitor them without having to worry.

Business Owners
Whether you are a small business owner or renting a storage unit at another facility, the smoke detector spy cam will monitor the situation for you. This unit easily blends into a restaurant, supply closet, and even industrial places such as a warehouse. Protect your inventory from loss and theft, your business from vandalism, and prevent inappropriate work place behavior. This covert piece of equipment will help protect you on all levels.  

Additional uses for this camera include using it to gather evidence for a case, monitoring anything and anywhere, as well as using it Private Investigative reasons. For instance, this camera would be a great option to catch a cheating spouse.

For added peace of mind and ensuring the security of your family and belongings, the smoke detector hidden camera is an excellent option. The ability to hide this camera in almost any urban and human environment gives it the flexibility of use to fit almost any need or reason. Plus, the variety of features that can be equipped to the smoke detector camera will give any user the options they need.

When and where would you use?

Monitoring Baby-sister
If you suspicion the nanny abuse your kids, then you can install one of this smoke detector camera on your ceiling and turn on it while you are away. After you back to home, you could see what happened and whether the baby-sitter has harmed your baby.

Monitoring Your Office and Staffs
Sometimes you will go on a business trip, but you  feel worry about your staffs. Using  our wifi smoke detector spy camera is a great method to monitoring your staffs and other things, you can watch the video streaming via your pc or your smartphone, all you need is a wifi network and ensure your devices have connected to the internet.

Monitoring Your Spouse
If your husband or wife fall in love with other people, then our smoke detector hidden camera could help you. You can install the camera in your bedroom, and when the rivals  access into your bedroom and have an affair with your spouse, you will get the evidence.

Records Of The Party
It’s interesting to record the party in the case of other people don't know, people will show their nature to you. You can make practical joke to anyone you want while you’re in the black. And you also could investigate someone that you’re interesting.

In a word, you can record anything in anywhere and find out some awesome video clips that may be funny, dirty or illegal, things are always beyond your imagination. The only thing you can control is recording or not.


Are you being overcome with worry and doubt because of all the suspicious activity you see around you? Please don't worry, you aren't powerless because securitybees can solve your problem. Smoke detector camera is an excellent choice for indoor covert surveillance, it's one of the best deals you will find on covert surveillance equipment! It's disguised as everyday household objects which give you the ability to monitor your home or office without anyone knowing. 

The smoke detector camera won't set off any alarms in the minds of cheaters and thieves, they won't think twice when they see this everyday--household smoke detector on the ceiling. Little do they know you will record them in the video by the hidden camera.

Securitybees offer varieties of smoke detectors cameras, depending on the camera model, you can access live video footage wirelessly from your computer or smartphone, connect your camera directly to a video monitor or use the camera's internal DVR to store footage on removable memory cards. No matter which model you choose, you'll get a bird's-eye view of every transgression committed in your protected space!