GPS Tracker Watch For Kids With SOS


GPS Tracker Watch For Kids With SOS

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GPS Tracker Watch For Kids Smart Locator With SOS

Main Features
APP Support Multi-language
Including English, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Portuguese, Polish and Chinese

Smart Locator And SafeZones
K15 kids watch uses a unique blend of GPS and GSM to help parents locate their child both indoors and out. Set up to five SafeZones and receive a notification when your child enters or leaves the SafeZone.

Voice Calling to Trusted Contacts
Kids can also make two-way voice calls thanks to a built-in speakerphone. Using the app, a parent can create a contact list with up to 10 preprogrammed phone numbers. To make a call, your child can scroll though the list, select the name, and call with just a touch of a button.

Emergency Number (SOS)
It can set 3 guardian numbers. The setting is successful if the watch shows that the command has been returned. Press the SOS button on watch above 3 seconds, the watch will dial the 3 guardian numbers circularly (to send out a distress signal) till being answered.

Manage & Monitor From Your Smartphone
K09 is controlled by an iOS or Android App that provides parents an easy and intuitive way to set up and manage the device. View location maps, create and manage SafeZones, manage and set contacts, and send messages to your child all from your internet- enabled device.

Allowed Incoming Call List
After setting phone numbers in the allowed list (Up to 10 numbers). The device can receive calls only from users on the allowed list, in addition
to the guardian number and emergency numbers, to avoid unwanted calls.

Phone Books
You can set up to 10 numbers which watch can dial out.

Voice intercom
Voice message sending between watch and mobile phone.Press the record key on watch to make record, loosen it to let message send out. Press the record play key to play the voice got from phone.

Remote monitor
Enter your phone number in the dialog box, click OK, and the watch will dial your phone number immediately after a command returns. When in conversation, the monitor side can hear the watch side, but the watch side can not hear the monitor side.

Alarm Clock
Set 3 group of alarm for watch

Watch Taking Off Alarm
If the watch band is unbuckled after the watch has been worn for more than three minutes, the APP client will receive a warning message showing that the watch is taken off. You can disable this function when the product is put aside.

Remote Shutdown
Shutdown the watch by APP

Tracking History
Records generated in the last 90 days are available. You can select whether to display the positions by the LBS.

Worldwide use
GSM frequencies: 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz
This watch need a SIM card support 2G cellular data, The children smartwatch SIM card intelligence operators to provide the support required 2g cellular data signal, and open GPRS function;. Parent's mobile phone's sim card needs to support 3g or 4g cellular data signal Using the IOS system or Android system.

Time / Date Display
With GPS time function, there is no need to adjust time manually.

To calculate body movement accurately.

Give 1-5 heart rewards to the kids to encourage kids

Processor MTK6261
Screen: 0.66 "TFT LCD
SIM Card: Support 2G SIM: 850/900/1800/1900
Camera: No
OS: Android 3.0 above and IOS 6.0 above
Waterproof: No
Battery: 400mAh
Color: Yellow, Pink, Blue
Material: ABS + Silicone
Size: 45.9*37.7*16mm