Mini Digital Spy Voice Recorder

Mini Digital Spy Voice Recorder

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Mini Digital Spy Voice Recorder

1. Discreet and protable design, this spy video recorder is the same size as a normal paper clip, easy to hidden.
2. On-the-Go covert recording.
3. Easy operation--one button touch high quality voice recording .
4. Built-in 8GB, this voice recording device has a 10 hour battery life to last an entire work day and 90 hours of storage.
5. Clear recording sound with embedded amplified microphone.
6. Plug-and-play, this mini audio recorder don't require any software.

*Output: 2mW
*Weight: 6.5g
*Memory: 8GB flash
*Power: DC3.7V 70mA
*Recording Type: .WAV
*Sample Rate: 192kbps
*Storage Time: 90 Hours
*Audio pick up range: 40ft in optimal conditions
*10 Hour battery life
*Fast recharge time: 2 hours
*Product Dimensions: .7in x 1.8in x .24in
*Battery Life: Recording 10 Hours - Playback: 5 Hours

What's Included
1 x Mini Voice Recorder
1 x USB Cable
1 x Headphones

1.Power switch
There has a On/Off switch located on the top of the spy voice recorder. This spy audio recorder don't need any software, you can listen to your audio file directly; Or you can connect this mini spy voice recorder device to any computer and listen to your file through windows media player or VLC media player.

2. (+)volume plus/ key for next file
Shortly press + key for the next file, and hold the (+) plus button to increase the volume.

3. (-) volume minus/ mode switch
Shortly press (-) button to playing file, and hold the (-) button to decrease the volume.

4. Headphone jack
When listening to your audio recordings through the item itself, be sure to plug in your headphones before powering on the device. Once your headphones are plugged in, go ahead and power on the device.

5. Indicating lamp:
In the recording state, the indicating lamp shall go out automatically after flashing for several times;
In the playing state, it will flash slowly;
In the charged state, it will be flashing;
And in the fully charged state, it will be always on. (remarks: while charging, it has no need to turn on the power button).