2K 128GB Spy Pen Camera


2K 128GB Spy Pen Camera

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As the technology development, the spies are not only capable in James Bond, nowadays, the spy cameras are very common in our life, we have come across many models to choose from, such as spy alarm clock, power bank spy camera, spy watch and etc. According to our survey, more people are choosing to invest in a HD spy pen that records both video and audio.

When you buy a spy pen, there will be some features need to consider

* What's the video resolution? Can it take video with audio at the same time? Does it take snap shots?

* Does it has date&time stamp in the video?

* When start recording, is there any noticeable lights?

* Does it have customized video settings, such as exposure, white balance, contrast, saturation, volume.

* Does it work in low illuminance? Since most of the spy pens on market only work when there is light.

* Does it support motion detection?

* How many hours can the spy pen work?

* Is it plug and play?

* How about the operation, easy or difficult? Is it true one-button operation?

* What's type of the memory? Built-in memory or external memory(need to insert a micro SD card)?

* What's the price you can afford?

* What's the warranty and the after-sale service?

Here I recommend you one 2K 1296P spy pen camera.

This's the first real 2K 1296P spy pen in the world, it's also the first spy pen camera which can support up to 128G. This spy pen can not only take 2304*1296P cystal video,shoot the HD picture in 4352*3264,but also support motion detection. Additional, compare with other spy pens, this 2K spy pen can be used as a voice recorder, it support separate voice recording.

Video Sample

Main Features

1.The first true 2K 1296P spy pen camera in the world
This spy pen camera can take video in 2304*1296P/30fps,shoot pictures in 4352*3264.

2.Can work in low illumination
With a low illumination lens, this 2K spy pen can record video and shoot still photos even when there is no light.

3. Customized Parameters
This motion activated spy pen support customized video settings, such as exposure, white balance, contrast, saturation, volume, time stamps, and much more.

4.Motion Detection
It will start recording as soon as it detects motion.It's a perfect choice for those who need to know what’s going on when they aren’t around.

5.Separate Voice Recording
Besides take video and pictures, this 2K spy pen camera can be used as a voice recorder, it can record only audio.

6.Covert Recording
The light only glows for a moment when start recording, which keeps it looking natural, normal, and completely undetected.

7.Plug and Play
This spy pen camera is plug and play on both PC and Mac computers (all with your standard USB connection), don’t need any special drivers or software to be installed.

8. Easy Operation
One button to achieve all the operation. Easy to change the mode, compare with other spy pens on market, don't need to twist the pen cam.

9.Huge Internal Storage
This spy pen cam has the built-in memory, you won't need to buy any micro SD card. We have 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB to choose.It's the first spy pen in the world which can support up to 128GB.

10.High Capacity Lithium Battery
It has a built-in 380 mAh lithium battery, on a full charge, you can record more than 1 hour.

11.Good Price
We're the manufacturer, you will get better price from us than the resellers.

12.Reliable Warranty
We offer 30 days money back and 1 year warranty.


Video Resolution: 2304*1296P /1920*1080P/1280*720P
Frame Rate:1296P/1080P @30fps, 720P @30fps/60fps
Photo Resolution: 4352*3264
Photo Format: JPG
Storage: 16G/32GB/64GB/128GB are optional
USB Interface: USB2.0
Battery Charge: DC-5V/500mA
Battery Capacity:380mAH
Dimension: Length 155mm/Diameter 55cm
Net Weight:50g

Package Contents
1 x 2K 1296P Spy Pen
1 x User Manual
2 x Ink Refills