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HD Key Fob Camera

HD Night Vision Key Fob Spy Video Camera Highlights 1. Infrared night vision. Record clear video in darkness environment. 2. Motion detection. This camera can...

HD Night Vision Key Fob Spy Video Camera Highlights 1. Infrared night vision. Record clear...

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What is keychain spy camera

Mini Keychain Spy Camera looks just like the keyfob alarm remote that you'll find on millions of keychains around the world. The conventional design helps it to blend in with your environment while recording color video and audio, everyone will think that this device is just a key chain and won't expect that it is a hidden pinhole camera.

Keychain camera is small enough to fit in your pocket, clip to your key ring and take anywhere you go. With the built-in hidden tiny camera, you can take HD color video and audio, capture high quality pictures. With this completely portable surveillance device, you'll never have to worry about missing an important event again.

How to use

A keychain spy camera is a device which records high quality videos of folks without knowing that their video is being captured due to its keychain shaped designed. It will prove to be useful for those people who are inclined in keeping an eye on their target person who can be his employee, colleague, infant or a disabled person. This camera is most suitable for those people who are suspicious in nature. Moreover it is more useful for secret agencies and government intelligence for surveillance and will help reduce crime and chaos in society. 

The people can use these products in their homes, offices, meeting rooms, functions, concerts and places where photography and videography are prohibited. They can use these keychain cameras whenever there is an important event going to take place and it needs to be stored in one’s memories.

The user can easily capture the lifetime movements and save them to your memories. The price paid for this multi featured camera is a great investment and will prove to be a great asset in your accessories. 

One can use the camera as a “Nanny cam” to keep an eye on a baby and check whether your baby is asleep or not. It can also be used for home security when you are away and can help you determine any intruders entering into your home.

Surveillance made through the spy cams is very useful to governments and law enforcement agencies to maintain social control, recognize and monitor threats, and prevent or investigate criminal activities taking place in the societies all round the clock.

As an active member in our society we can play a vital role in the society by working as volunteers in maintaining law and order in the society by capturing videos of any criminal or illegal activities happening around us.

However, many civil rights and privacy groups, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation and American Civil Liberties Union, have expressed concern that by allowing continual increases in government surveillance of citizens we will end up in a mass surveillance society, with extremely limited, or non-existent political and personal freedoms. Therefore this unique design will enable the government as well as the common people to capture videos without anyone knowing 

The hidden spy cams can also be used in reality television shows where the participants are being monitored. In this way, it is checked that all the rules of the games are followed and no one is using any unfair means. This is usually done by giving a pen shaped spy camera to the contestant.

Buy from us

The category of keychain spy cameras on our website provides you with the specifications of the latest spy cameras in conservative designs to improve its effectiveness as people cannot guess that there is any camera near them as it resembles a regular key chain.

Our website is offering these products at a very inexpensive rate. These prices are quite affordable to all folks. Moreover the quality of our product outshines us in the market as our keychain spy cameras give high definition video results which are a remarkable feature. The main differentiator of our brand with the other spy camera brands is our design. Our design is of such conservative shape that resembles a key chain which is very handy and signifies the value of our company’s product. 

The main function of our product is that it is small in size, it has handy shape and is a discreet camera and can also be functioned as a webcam. This product is distinct from our competitor’s product and will surely be appreciated by you. 

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