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AC Adapter Hidden Camera HD

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HD Night Vision AC Adapter Hidden Camera With Audio And Built-in DVR

Keep a covert eye on your room with this HD Night Vision AC Adapter Hidden Camera with Audio and Built-In DVR. AC adapters are everywhere, so who would suspect this as being a hidden camera? The high quality 9712 camera lens means you will have high-def video surveillance of your room, in a small package that nobody will even suspect is a camera. It records in HD 720P/1080P, so you’ll have a sharp picture that you can easily review to see who has been in the room and what they’ve done.

Since it’s plugged into the wall, there are no batteries required, and it can monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Just slip in a microSD card (up to 32GB, not included), plug it into the wall, and you’re good to go. It even has a charger function, so you can plug in any device that takes a mini-USB connection and charge it while the camera continues to function. With its extreme covert design, nobody will even notice there is a hidden pinhole camera in this AC adapter.

Worried about what happens at night? This camera has two built-in IR lights, so it even supports night vision. The motion-activated function means it only records when motion is detected, or you can trigger it with the remote control or manual operation. It’s so easy to set up and use, you’ll be monitoring your home in no time at all.

When the memory card gets full, the auto-overwrite function automatically overwrites the oldest files, so it keeps recording even if you forget to download the video from the microSD card. Since it uses easy-to-find microSD cards, you could even have an SD card for every day of the week if you wanted to keep rolling backups of your video footage.

The HD Night Vision AC Adapter Hidden Camera even has a webcam function, so you can use it as an HD web camera if you want. Stream video of your space over the web, so you can see your room in full HD from anywhere with an Internet connection.

For keeping an eye on your office or home, nothing beats this night vision AC adapter hidden camera. Have peace of mind knowing that this camera is working all the time, silently recording video and audio to keep an eye and an ear on what’s happening around it.

HD 720P/1080P video resolution with audio, high quality 9712 camera lens firmware.
7x24 hours 365 days monitoring, no battery needed, just plug this camera into a wall outlet.
Extreme covert design, no one will find out there is a hidden pinhole camera in it.
Support night vision fuction with it's built-in IR lights.
Motion activated fuction, automatically recording when motion is detected.
Remote control or manually operation, control everything in your own way.
Auto overwrite mode, automatically overwrites the oldest files if memory card fills up and generate a file every 3 minutes.
Web camera function, this ac adapter camera also could be used as a HD web cam.

Video format: AVI
video coding: M-JEPG
Video resolution: 1280×720P 1920x1080p
Video frame: 30fps
Photo format: JPG 4032×3024
Picture resolution: 5M  pix
Image ratio: 4:3
Charger function: Yes 
Working time: 24hours every day
working voltage: AC110-240V
USB port: MINI 5pin USB
Memory card: micro SD card, max 32GB(not included)

Packing Lists
1 x Night vision ac adapter hidden camera
1 x Remote controller
1 x User manual
1 x USB cable

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