Wall Clock Spy Hidden Camera


Wall Clock Spy Hidden Camera

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Wall Clock Spy Hidden Camera

Do you suspect that one of your employees is not working as he should be? Think the babysitter might have taken something? Perhaps you need to know what is happening while you are not around? If you answered “Yes” to any one of these questions then you need a hidden camcorder. Of course you will want one that easily blends into the room but is still able to capture all of the needed details.

This functioning wall clock has a nondescript appearance that will be easily overlooked by most people. The HD camcorder lens is hidden in the number “9” digit and records in HD 720p. You won't miss anything with such high image quality! Even better, this camera also has a built-in DVR function so you will not need to run an additional cable to a hard drive for storing your footage. In fact, the camcorder has 8GB of flash memory to record your hidden video footage. That will hold plenty of video because this camcorder uses the H.264 compressed format so you can store more video on the same amount of storage. You will not have to buy any additional memory to use this camcorder! This camcorder was designed to save you as much time as possible. Should you ever fill the DVR unit with videos then the system will automatically begin overwriting the oldest files. Please remember to back up your files to a separate drive or memory card if you need to keep specific footage from this camcorder.

No batteries needed! The camcorder also has a built-in battery for your convenience. This product is truly designed to work the moment you pull it out of the box. If you need to recharge the battery then you can simply plug it into a wall outlet. The camcorder will function even if the unit is charging.

What good is a hidden camcorder if you cannot turn it on or begin recording with it when you need to? That is why your hidden camcorder wall clock includes a remote control for you to use. With the press of a button your camcorder will begin recording and when you have captured the video you need you can stop the recording to save file space. The remote will work at distances of approximately 100 feet away! When you need to copy video from the clock to your PC you can use the included USB cable to connect them.


1. HD 720P Video Resolution

Record crystal clear HD 720P color video, you will see everything clearly.

2. Completed Covert Design

Everyone will think it's a normal wall clock, no one will doubt that it's a hidden Camera With built-in DVR

3. H.264 Compressed Format

Use the advanced H.264 compressed format, you can save more files for the same memory.

4. Cycle Recording

It will automatically overwrite the old files when the memory card is full. Please remember to copy the old files to your PC in time.

5. Recording While Charging

When the built-in battery is low, you can connect the clock to charger to coninte recording, the recording will not be interrupted and you will not miss anything.

6. Built-in 8GB

With the built-in 8GB memory storage, you don't need to buy a extra one.

7. Long-distance Remote Control

The clock controlled by the matched remote control, the control distance can be up to 30m.

8. Easy Operation

Easy to install and use, just press the button on remote control to begin recording. Once you are done, just connect the USB cable from the clock to your laptop

or computer to transfer and play back the recorded video.


Video Format: AVI

Video Coding: H.264

Video Resolution: 1280*720P

Video Frame rate: 30fps

Image Format: JPG

Image Resolution: 4032*3024

Battery type: high capacity polymer lithium battery

Battery capacity: 500mAh

Charging voltage: DC-5V

USB interface: MINI 5pin USB

Storage: Built-in 8GB

Clock Size: Diameter - 6" , Thickness - 1.6"

Player software: The operating system or bring the mainstream video player software

Support system: Windows me/2000/XP/2003/Vista;Mac os 10.4; Win7

Packing List

1 x Clock camera

1 x USB Cable

1 x Remote control

1 x Manual

Wall Clock Spy Hidden Camera Instruction Manual

Clock Fuction Operation Manual

Uncover the AA battery cover, install an AA battery, and close the cover, then the clock is working now.

You can use the time-adjusting switch button and the alarm-adjusting switch button to adjust the times.

Switch the white power button to “ON”, (This switch is located in the upper left corner of the battery cover),

then the alarm function is active. The alarm will not working if you don’t switch the button.

Switch the white power button to “OFF” to stop the alarm sounds.

Tip: Pls ignore these steps if you only need a spy camera fuction.

Spy Camera Operation Manual


There is a built-in lithium battery that support 4 hours working, charging the battery with a mini usd cable before useing.

If you need a 7x24 hours or very long time continuous recording , you can connect the camera to any wall outlet, because this clock

camcorder support working while charging.


You can hang this clock on the wall, or put it on a desk or anywhere, this clock can be well integrated into the surrounding environment.

Power ON

Switch the black smaller button to “ON”, then press the A button of the remote control, a solid red light keeps on, it means the camera is in standby mode.

Video Recording

Press C button, the red light blinks three times and turns off, the machine is recording, press this button again to stop recording and save.

Photo Taking

Press B button on time, the red light blinks one time, it means one photo has been taked and saved, press again to get another photo.

Power OFF

Press the A button 2 seconds, the red light will turn off, the machined will bnot working, then switch the black smaller button to “OFF”.

Data Transmission And Play Back

Connect the clock to your computer with a usb cable to get all the video and image files. It’s very easy.