HD 1080P Digital Camera Watch

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HD 1080P Digital Camera Watch

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Digital Camera Watch

Wrist Watch Digital Camera, Digital Camera Watch Spy Gadget

1. Support full HD 1080P video recording, pictures shooting and seperated voice recording function
2. IR night vision, with Infrared Ray, support night vision. Can record even in complete darkness condition.
3. Waterproof design 3ATM, against splash and rain water,not for diving
4. Support pc camera function, use for online video chat.
5. Watchband is made of high quality stainless steel
6. Built-in 16GB memory

With the dynamic changes occurring in the world today, people e need to have an upper hand so as to control the changes or events when need be. Some of these changes are good while others have a deteriorating effect. Common changes include the rise of insecurity and extremely competitive business scene. Many people agree that using a spy product is one of the most effective ways of gaining information and protecting your interests. A digital camera watch is an excellent spy tool as it has a discrete yet powerful camera that can focus over a wide range ensuring everything is recorded. The beauty of this spy watch is that it can be worn as an accessory therefore minimizing the chances of suspicion.

People who can benefit from spy watches include entrepreneurs, undercover police, children and generally people on the business scene who might need to capture information during meetings discretely so as to beat their rivals or record processes that might help their businesses. The police might use the gadget to bring down dangerous criminals especially those who go free due to lack of evidence. Parents can also monitor the activities of their kids and ensure they are safe.

A maximum advantage of this spy wrist watch is that it can be used literally anywhere due to features like; IR night vision with infrared ray meaning the camera works even in total darkness , waterproof design that ensures it can be used when it's raining, PC camera function support, full HD video recording, voice recording and picture shooting. It also has a huge built in memory so you don't need to worry of not being able to capture everything.

  • Video Format: AVI 
  • Video Coding: M-JPEG 
  • Video Frame Rate: 30fps 
  • Video Resolution: 1920*1080P 
  • Picture Format: JPG 
  • Picture Resolution: 4032*3024 
  • Image Ratio: 4:3 
  • Memory: Built-in 16GB
  • Player Software: Operating systems or mainstream movie playback software 
  • Support System: Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista; os 10.4; Linux 
  • VOL: DC-5V 
  • Interface-type: Mini 4 Pin USB
  • Memory Card Format: TF card
  • Battery: High-capacity polymer lithium battery

Package Contents
1 x 1080P IR Watch Camera 
1 x USB Cable 
1 x User manual 
1 x CD Driver

Instruction Manual
Pls download below detailed instruction manual
HD 1080P Digital Camera Watch Instruction Manual download

Free Drivers Sofeware For HD 1080P Digital Camera Watch Instruction Manual
Free Drivers Sofeware For HD 1080P Digital Camera Watch