Auto Infrared Night Vision Spy Watch Camera


Auto Infrared Night Vision Spy Watch Camera

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Auto Infrared Night Vision Spy Watch Camera

1. Infrared night vision camera, you can record even in darkness environment
2. Record full HD 1080P video with audio, shoot high resolution pictures at 4032*3024
3. Automatic induction infrared Led, don't need manual operation
4. 36 hours LED lighting
5. HD PC web camera function
6. Support separate voice recording 
7. Built in 16GB, memory can be expand up to 32GB

In this day and era when fighting corruption and other unlawful acts is important, there is need to have first rate quality technology to capture the culprits in action. This auto infrared camera has to be the perfect thing that has ever happened to this world. The camera looks exactly like a watch- how awesome is that? It is a very cool spy gadget for you.

This spy camera can be used to capture images without the knowledge of any other individuals apart from the photographer. On top of that it comes with an audio port where you can fit a microphone and grab yourself a video of the culprits as they go about their heinous task of whatever it is they are doing. The main goal here is to capture images of people without their knowledge.

This spy camera can be used in so many settings. For starters when you are going on an undercover detective search, this is the best device to use. It will not raise eyebrows in any way as it resembles a watch. When you want to get a clearer view you simply make the necessary adjustments, to capture the sound and the objects better.

It is therefore a very convenient device for undercover detectives and other security officials. You know who else will find this camera to be excellent- journalists and pranksters. It may not really make sense to buy this device for pranks unless they are commercial pranks such as those seen on TV. However, undercover journalists just like the detectives will find this device to be exactly what they need for their job. Instead of carrying the large conspicuous cameras, all you will need to do is thrown out your watch and sit in a strategic position such that the impossibly powerful lens of the camera is focused on the target object.

Video Form: AVI
Video Coding: M-JPEG
Picture Format: JPG
Video Resolution: 1920*1080
Photo Resolution: 4032 * 3024 pixels
Video Frame Rate: 30 fps
Image Scaling: 4:3
Interface-type: Mini USB
Memory Card Format: Nand flash, support 1GB-32GB
Battery: High-capacity polymer lithium battery
Player Software: Operating systems or mainstream movie playback software
Support System: Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista;Mac os 10.4;Linux;

Package Contents
1 x 1080P female spy watch camera
1 x USB cable
1 x Charger
1 x User manual
1 x CD

Instruction Manual
Pls download below detailed instruction manual
Auto Infrared Night Vision Spy Watch Camera instruction manual download

Free Drivers Sofeware For This Women Spy Watch Camera
Free Drivers Sofeware For This Auto Infrared Night Vision Spy Watch Camera