HD 1080P Wifi Power Bank Hidden Camera Manual Instructions

Thank you for purchasing this wifi power bank hidden camera, this product has a 100% covert design which can be applied in various fields,please set your camera correctly in accordance with the guidelines of the quick steps .1. APP software downloadMethod 1. Scan the QR code directly to go to the download screen. Select appropriate download software according to your...

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Hidden Spy Cameras For Sale In Australia

Hidden Spy cameras are commonly used and part of our everyday life. Hidden cameras can be used for different purpose; professionally or personally. Before you decide to buy any hidden camera it is prudent to consider how the cameras works, numerous functions, and endless disguises. Once you have understood the basics of the hidden cameras go ahead and check out...

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Buy Spy Camera UK

Buy Spy Camera UKWhy you need a spy camera?The current generation’s demand for spy cameras has really revolutionized how we live. Currently, the issue of compromise on our businesses’, homes’ or vehicles’ security is a thing of the past. The scope of use of spy cameras has also notably increased. Initially, these cameras were only relevant for criminal investigations or...

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Top Reasons for Buying Spy Camera

Years back spy cameras were used for the security purpose only by the government organizations or a few top companies. In media, these cameras were used for all kinds of sting operations by reporters. However, things have changed a lot in the recent past and hidden cameras are being used by several individuals in the modern times in order to...

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Tips to Keep a Spy Camera in Home

Tips to Keep a Spy Camera in Home   Nowadays spy cams have emerged as a very effective way to capture crime since criminals never come to know if someone is keeping an eye on their wrong doings. A huge number of people are opting for spy cams in the modern times to keep an eye on the home and...

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HY-900 Spy Button Camera Manual Instruction

1. Power On/Off-- Press the on/off button about 2 seconds to power on the device;-- If you want to power off the device, hold down the on/off button until the indicator go off.2. Video Recording-- Move the mode switch to right, press on/off button 2 seconds, yellow LED appear first for about 5 seconds, then it change into BLUE indicator,...

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