What is Spy Camera: Know Them Before Buying

Definition of spy camera

First let's see how the wiki defines the spy camera.

“A hidden camera or spy camera or security camera is a still or video camera used to record people without their knowledge. The term “hidden camera” is commonly used in reality TV shows, sometimes when subjects are unaware that they are being recorded, and sometimes with their knowledge and consent.”


Basic features that a spy camera must have

Camera lens

A spy camera must have at least one hidden cam lens.

Power supply

Built-in battery or AC power or external power bank.

Memory system

Spy cameras usually have built-in memory or need to insert a memory card.

Hidden design

They are covert, it hard to find out they are cam recorder.


What do hidden cameras look like?

Strictly speaking, all items are likely to be a spy camera. Whether you are at home, at the office, at the hotel, you may be monitored by a spy camera inadvertently.

Now let us introduce you to what types of spy hidden cameras are available.

Pen Camera

Pen camera is a pen with a cam recorder inside it, usually there is a built-in battery and memory to store the video. It can be a pen, a ballpoint pen, or a fake pen. In most cases, you can use it to write, just like a real pen.

Normally, the lens is hidden above the pen clip and there is an action button on the top of the pen. A pen camera is one of the most commonly used spy cameras.

pen camera

Watch Camera

Watch camera is another popular spy camera, and there are many kinds of watch styles to choose from. Like a pen camera, the watch camera also has  built-in camera, built-in battery and internal memory. If you want a wearable spy camera, then a spy watch would be a good choice.

spy watch camera

Outlet or Plug Camera

The biggest advantage of a outlet hidden camera is they are powered by AC power. You can monitor 24 hours a day without worrying about the device being out of power. These spy camera is suitable for occasions that require long-term monitoring.

outlet spy camera

Glass Spy Camera

Eyeglasses camera is another very popular wearable spy camera, especially sunglasses. Glass camera is a better choice when you are driving, walking and moving.

glasses spy camera

Clock Hidden Camera

The clock camera could be a alarm clock, desk clock, or a wall clock. You can put them anywhere because of the strong concealment. It’s a good nanny cam. 

clock spy camera

Keychain Camera

Car key spy camera is an old spy device, it’s perfect for both video recording and audio recording. They usually have a small size and are easy to carry.

keychain spy camera

Smoke Detector Camera

This type of spy equipment is typically used on the ceiling and is suitable for monitoring fixed locations. They can monitor a wider range and it’s hard to be find out, because any office or warehouse needs a smoke detector.

smoker detector spy camera

Cloth Button Camera

Another excellent wearable hidden camera. But the disadvantage is that it takes time to wear and you must to find the right clothes.

clothes button spy camera

Flash Disk Camera

USB flash disk camera is another mini size hidden camera. It's hard to find out that it's a spy camera when you put a USB flash drive on the conference table.

flash disk hidden camera

Light Bulb Camera

A LED light bulb with a camera lens in the bottom, and when you light up it , people under the bulb will can’t see the camera lens. The only conditions is that  you must have a base that can be screwed into the bulb.

ligh bulb spy camera

Bluetooth Earphone  Camera

Bluetooth earphone spy camera is a good choice when you pretend to be in motion or enjoy the music. You can wear it in any where and any time.

bluetooth earphone spy camera

Coat Hook Camera

A fixed point spy camera used in the bedroom. Just look like a normal clothes hook. Suitable for any rest place.

clothes hook spy camera

Bag Camera

If you need a long battery life hidden camera, then bag camera is your choice, because you can put a big battery or power bank in the bag. A big spy camera with big internal space.

bag spy camera

Water Bottle Spy Camera

The main feature of this bottle camera is these water bottles can be well integrated with the surrounding goods.

bottle spy camera

Power Bank Spy Camera

Power bank spy camera is another long battery life hidden camera, because it’s a power supply for it’s self. And it’s normal when you carry a power bank and put it on the table.

power bank spy camera

USB Charger Camera

This hidden camera looks like regular USB wall charger. There are never any battery life concerns to worry about. Just plug it into the wall and the camera is ready to go.

USB charger spy camera

Cigarette Lighter Spy Camera

Great spy stuff for smoker,  convert design and portable.

light spy camera

Spy Tank With Camera

If you need a spy camera that can be moved, then it’s a good choice. You can remote control the tank and let it go to the place you want to record.

spy tank

Smart Bracelet Spy Camera

Wearable sports bracelet with hidden camera, easy to use and hard to be find out.

bracelet spy camera


Types of Spy Camera

Most of the current spy cameras are mainly divided into the following types.

Local Recording Spy Camera

The camera can only save video & audio to built-in memory or an external memory card, you need to view playback on PC or Mac.

Wireless Spy Camera

This type of spy camera releases wireless signals, and you can receive signals from your receiver or mobile phone and watch live content in real time. But you can't get too far from the spy camera, otherwise you will lose the wireless signal.

WiFi Streaming Spy Camera

This type of spy camera is equivalent to an IP Camera, which requires a link to the wifi network. At the same time you can watch the video stream on your mobile phone anywhere and anytime.


How to Choose a Spy Camera

Part I - Confirm where to use

Is there a power source in the place of use?

If you have power, you can choose a spy camera that can be powered

Is it indoors or outdoors?

If you use it outdoors, you must choose a spy camera with a built-in battery.

Is it still or moving?

If it is in motion, such as in a sports car, it is best to choose a wearable type of spy camera.

Is it home, office, or warehouse?

No matter where you are, you need to choose a product that can be integrated with your surroundings.

For example, put a clothe hook camera in the bedroom.

Is there a WiFi network?

If so, you can choose the wifi spy camera for watching streaming video.

Part II - How long you need to record each time?

If you need to record longer videos, you need to choose a spy camera that has a large internal memory or can support memory card expansion. Or choose a spy camera that could be powered by AC power,  such as the USB charger spy camera, you can recording 24 hours day and night

Part III - Confirm video resolution and recording quality

This is a very important consideration. You need to confirm the image resolution, video resolution, and recording quality supported by the camera.

We generally recommend buying a high-definition spy camera, at least 720P / 1080P. At the same time, we need to confirm whether the spy camera supports audio recording or separate audio recording.

Part IV - Memory size and quality

Confirm the size of the built-in memory, generally we need more than 16GB. If this spy camera supports memory expansion, then we recommend that you insert a high quality memory card.


Where to Buy Spy Camera

Get a spy camera from a local spy store, you can search “spy store”, “spy shop” at google map to look for a near seller.

search a spy shop at google map

Purchase online from amazon.com, ebay.com and etc.

Buy from a professional spy company such as us, you can search them at google.com and collect their website and company name.

search a spy store at google

How to Make a Spy Camera

Some times we can DIY a unique spy camera by ourself, and they are very simple.

how to make spy camera

  1. Purchase a spy camera PCBA module with a pinhole camera lens, which is a complete spy camera just without a casing.
  2. Find out an item as container, we will put the PCBA module inside it. It could be a toy, bottle, box or anything.
  3. Find a location on the container that we can make a small hole and fix the pinhole lens.
  4. Assemblythe PCBA module, container,  and fix them as a whole spy gear.
  5. Prepare a power bank as power source, and then make a test.

That’s done, so easy ,right?

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