Top 8 Best Spy Hidden Camera In The World

We have doing the spy gadgets more than 5 years, according to our deal records and customers’ feedback, we sort out a top 8 best spy hidden camera list, wish it’s helpful for the people who want to buy a spy gadget.

1. Best Spy Pen Camera

First, this spy pen has a very good quality and it’s designed in Japan. It has a HD 1080P video resolution, compare with other spy pens on the market, it has no light blink during the recording process, it’s 100% covert.

Second, it’s truly one button operation. Some sellers also said their spy pens are one button operation, exactly they’re not. For example, if they want to change from the video recording mode to picture mode, they must take apart the pen to slide the mode switch. See the below picture.

Third, this best spy pen has a built-in 32GB, you don’t need to buy extra micro SD card.

Besides these, this spy pen camera has customized video settings, such as exposure, white balance, contrast, saturation, volume, time stamps, and much more. You can set it according to your requirements.


* HD 1080P video recoding,also can shoot picture at 4032*3024
* True one button operation
* Built-in 32 GB
* Customized video settings

2. Spy Watch
Here we have sorted out the spy watches both for men and women.

For Men

For Women

All of these spy watches can record video with audio in HD 1080P, can shoot picture in 4032*3024. And all of them has a built-in memory 16GB.


* Wearable device, hands free

* Record high quality video in HD 1080P

* Built-in 16GB

* Great compatibility with computers: Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista;Mac os 10.4; Linux;

 3.  Spy Glasses

Spy glasses camera is a versatile tool used to take video in a variety of situations. It's allow for HD video recording which guarantee that every little detail is captured.


* Wearable spy gadget

* Good view, give you a very close person view

* Take HD 1080P crystal video

* Support memory card up to 32GB

4.   AC adapter hidden camera

This common-looking AC adapter has a built-in HD pinhole camera with a 90-degree viewing angle. If you have an AC outlet near the area where you want monitor, this hidden camera system may be the one for you, since it's very perfect for capturing an entire room.

* Record in HD 720P/1080P video

* Motion detection recording let you capture what you want

* Remote Control for Programming

 5. Power Bank Spy Hidden camera

The power bank spy hidden camera looks like any regular power bank, nobody would suspect there is a discreetly hidden camera and DVR inside, it can take video with audio at the same time.
Additional, this special spy camera has a high capacity internal rechargeable battery which incidentally can be used to charge other device including mobile, phones, Ipad and I pods etc.

* Can be widely used,such as in house, shop or office
* Motion Detection
* Video recording with audio
* Real functioning power bank
* Can be used as a flashlight

6. Keychain Hidden Camera

This keychain hidden camera is excellently designed for cars. It has a sturdy casing which makes it very durable. It's cleverly disguised as a keychain, no one will know that it has a HD pinhole camera inside.
The keychain camera is an ideal filming tool for the everyday documenter. Capture interviews, important occasions, on the road occurrences or even security footage using its full HD recording capabilities of 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps.

* Cleverly disguised as a keychain
* Record video with audio at HD 1080P @30FPS
* Support separated voice recording

7. Spy Alarm Clock Hidden Camera

This hidden camera disguised as a fully functional alarm clock with built-in hidden camera and built-in DVR. It has 140 degree wide angle of view, which can monitor more area in your room. About the storage,this alarm clock camera can support up to 64GB, can save thoundsands of pictures and hours of 1080P videos.


* Can customize video settings to 1080P@30fps or 720P@60fps
* Super wide angle of view-140 degree
* Motion activation

8. HD Cigarette Lighter Spy Camera

Cigarette lighter is a very common object in our life, every family has at least one piece of lighter, this cigarette lighter camera is a fully functional lighter, no one will know there is a mini camera inside, which can shoot pictures and record videos. Because of the small size, it's very convenient to carry around and an invaluable tool when you need to gather evidence or capture something important.


* Record HD 1080P video with audio
* Real lighter function
* Has a LED lamp, can be used as a flashlight






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