How To Make A Diy Hidden Camera At Home

Buying a high quality spy camera must be very expensive, however, it's possible to save some money by making your own spy camera at home. Here I will show you easy 2 ways to build a hidden camera spending anything with your daily used things, the components required are actually very easy to find.

Let' begin...

Method 1: Hide a webcam inside a common household object

You will require the following things:
1.USB webcam
2.Household objects which not arouse suspicion (such as alarm clock, old speaker box, desk lamp,teddy toys,power supply or cell phone charger)
3. Some tools, such as screwdriver, drill, chisel, hammer, pliers

Step 1: Remove the outer shell of the webcam
Your goal is to separate circuit board with the lens and a cable from plastic enclosure. At the end cable and lens must be still attached to the circuit board. This will make the camera considerably smaller, and thus much easier to hide.

Step 2: Pick your hiding spot
Please note that we need a new "secret" case for the camera ,which needs to be totally inconspicuous and look natural, yet something that is big enough to hold a camera. Such as alarm clock, PC speaker, desk lamp,teddy toys,power supply or cell phone charger.

Step 3: Assemble the camera inside the object
You need to figure out how to position circuit board and where should you drill a hole for the lens. When you build a spy camera you want it to look “natural”, without huge lens sticking out of the case. And be careful to keep glue away from the lens glass--this will blur the video quality. Remember one point, you need promise your spy cam to look totally natural.

Step 4: Test the spy cam
Plugin your new spy camera to computer and make sure that it works. Position the camera wherever it will look most natural, either on the floor, or next to the leg of a table etc. Now you have made your own spy camera, you need to test whether it work well.

Method 2: Use your old smart phone

Nowadays, people are very habitual to change their smartphones whenever a new phone with new look, design, more features, specification and affordable price arrives to market. We often gave the old smartphones to any of our relatives or sell them (as a second-hand smartphone) in mobile marketplace in very low-cost. Here I will tell you a relatively good option by which you can convert your old smart phones into a Wireless Spy Camera or IP WebCam.

Require the following things:
1. Old Smart phones
2. Laptop
3. Network

Step 1: Download a free webcam app.
You could find a suitable program from your phone using the app stores or the goole palystore.

Step 2: Note the URL for your webcam app.
Later You will need this to link the phone to your computer.

Step 3: connect both laptop and phone with wifi.
Make sure that the two devices are connected to the same wireless network. You will be able to remotely watch and record the feed.

Step 4: Launch the APP and secure your network.
Please set a password-protected secure wireless network. Otherwise,some people who may pickup the newtwork will be able to see your footage.

Step 5: Set up the camera
You can place the smart phone anywhere you want to spy.



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hi sir, where video will store…is it possible direct i can store in mob

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Nice and amazing to have u making ur own camera

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