How to find hidden cameras

How to find hidden cameras

As technology developed, hidden cameras and listening device come in all shapes, sizes, they have gotten smaller, quieter and more readily disguised. On the one hand, these covert devices enable you to protect what matters most, giving you the peace of mind to confidently go about your business knowing that your family and property are in good hands, of course, these hidden cameras are great for anyone who wishing to conduct surveillance. On the other hand, do you worry about that someone plant any hidden device to monitor your home or office secretly ?---knowing how to discover hidden devices is very important.

To find the camera, first you need to understand the working principle of the camera,then find the right approach.

Method 1

Have a physical search for the area. You can look for any conspicuously placed objects such as smoke detector, clothes hook, shaver, lamps, power bank or AC adapter...Cameras can be discoverd in these normal looking objects. Listening devices can be stashed under tables or chairs, or inside pots and vases.

Method 2

You can watch for any flashing or illuminated lights. Most cameras and listening device have a "on" or "ready" light, when the hidden device begin to work, the light will glow in the first seconds,which can help you to find it.

Method 3

Use a flashlight to watch the room carefully,especially onto reflective surfaces. Generally speaking, hidden devices can be hidden behind mirrors or other types of glass that effectively mask whatever is behind it under normal lighting conditions, but reveal anything if light is shone directly on it. You can also catch a reflection from the hidden camera's lens, because all lenses have a good reflection of light, and the reflected light is very unique.

Method 4

Use the thermal imager to find a hidden camera. Such as CMOS/DSP/MCU always generate heat, since the image processing need to consume much computational resource, all the devices heat radiation will be exposed at last. You can use the thermal imager to find out the hidden devices.

Method 5

You can use a RF bug detector to help with your search,this device can identify the radio frequencies that recording devices use, and assist in locating them.

Method 6

The sixth breakthrough is the power source, since the hidden camera need long-time working, generally speaking, it will not choose the built-in battery, so the hidden camera need to pull a power cord in a hidden place, or installed in a electrical equipment. You can use a metal detector to find out the camera or narrowing the amount of space.

Method 7

The last breakthrough is communications outlet. No one will only plant the hidden camera and not capture video, so the video will have a wire or wireless outlet. For the wireless outlet, we can use the broadband radio frequency scanner to detect the camera. For the wire outlet, we can use the metal detector which mentioned before to detect.

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