HD 1080P Wifi Power Bank Hidden Camera Manual Instructions

Thank you for purchasing this wifi power bank hidden camera, this product has a 100% covert design which can be applied in various fields,please set your camera correctly in accordance with the guidelines of the quick steps .

1. APP software download

Method 1. Scan the QR code directly to go to the download screen. Select appropriate download software according to your
mobile phone system.
Method 2: For Android phones, search for APP software named “iminicam” in Google Play, download and install it.
For Iphone, APP software named “iminicam” in App Store, download and install it.

2. LED indicator status
Blue light is the power indicator
Red light is WIFI indicator: (1) Red light blink quickly means camera in router mode; (2) Red light blink slowly means
camera in P-to-P mode.
If you don't know the camera in which mode, you can reset the camera and it will come back to P-TO-P mode.

3. WIFI Configuration
Configure a remote camera by your phone, there are 2 ways:
(1)Power on the hidden camera, then wait some seconds,the blue light will be solid, if the red light blink quickly(camera in router mode), please open the downloaded APP to configure the camera.

(2)The second way to configure remote camera: when you power on the power bank camera, if the red light blink slowly(in P- to-P mode), use your phone to search a wifi singal(the name is CM5E56-4DDF1FDC5765-F8F309). This WIFI can be connected successfully without a password, and then open the phone APP to configure the camera.
If you only want to operate in P-TO-P mode, open the phone APP to finish it.

4 .Configure the camera

After you finish configuring the camera(please download our manual to know how to configure it), you can monitor via LAN or viewing via the Client computer. In all, it's a very convenient wifi hidden product.

Pls Download Detailed Instruction Here


Tom Smith - Aug 03, 2015

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