Tips to Keep a Spy Camera in Home

Tips to Keep a Spy Camera in Home


Nowadays spy cams have emerged as a very effective way to capture crime since criminals never come to know if someone is keeping an eye on their wrong doings. A huge number of people are opting for spy cams in the modern times to keep an eye on the home and also recording the proceedings. The important point to understand here is that the effectiveness of the spy camera depends a lot on the its position and the same must be considered before installing one.

Best Places to Keep a Spy Cam at Home

There are many places where you can set your spy camera or hidden camera, but here we are providing the list of best alternatives for you to consider from.

  • Bookshelf

Chances are that an intruder will not inspect your bookshelf. This way, you will be able to capture everything without altering him or her.

  • Curtain Rods

It is needless to say that a person hardly inspects the curtains or its rods. That is why it becomes a great place to hide your spy camera. If you have curtain rods at a height, you will be able to get the benefits easily. You can install you spy cam on the rods and point it in the downward direction of the selected area that you want to secure. This way you can hide it from everyone’s eyes and keep an eye on the activity.

  • Teddy Bears

Teddy bears or stuffed toys can be great to keep your spy cam. Many of the nanny cams come in the shape of teddy bears. People take it as a soft toy and never realize that they are under surveillance. All you need to do is0 install your spy cam into a teddy bear and place some more teddy’s around it.

Some of the other places where you can hide a spy cam include mirrors, perfumes bottles, plants, air freshener and buttons among others. All you need to ensure that the camera fits the place well, is of high quality and focuses on the area that you want covered.

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