HY-900 Spy Button Camera Manual Instruction

1. Power On/Off
-- Press the on/off button about 2 seconds to power on the device;
-- If you want to power off the device, hold down the on/off button until the indicator go off.
2. Video Recording
-- Move the mode switch to right, press on/off button 2 seconds, yellow LED appear first for about 5 seconds, then it change into BLUE indicator, at this time the device start recording video.
3. Picture Taking
-- Power on the device, and move the mode switch to left, press on/off button once, yellow LED blink 1 time, it means take 1 picture and saved successfully.
4. Time Setting
-- Connect the device to computer via the USB cable first, open the removable disk, creat a TXT file and named "systemtime", then open it to modify the time, the time format as below:
2014-05-08 10:08:29
-- Save the file and disconnect the device from the computer. When you power on the device and record video, the time watermark that you reset will be showed in the video.
5. Reset
When the device don't work because of wrong operation or any other unknow reason, you need to reset the device. How to do? You need to find a small and thin thing, such a toothpick, insert it into the reset hole, gently press the reset button to complete the resetting.


DEIRDRE - Jan 22, 2015


I am thinking of buying this button camera and was wondering on a few things.

1) In record mode, how long does it record for at one period of time?

2) How long does the battery last? During recording and while to recharge the battery?

Any information would be appreciated, thanks for your time


Hugh Bullen - Jan 22, 2015

Just got this and need to try it out and will get back to you.

Muhammad Rizwan - Jan 22, 2015

Dear sir,
i am owning this same model device in Pakistan, but when i connects it with my laptop, it says USB Device not recognized and doe not show any removable folder at all, kindle help to solve the issue

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