HD 1080P Cigarette Lighter Spy Camera Instructions Manual

1. Charging

 First, you need to charge the device by plugging it into a usb port on your computer.

2. Power On/Off

-- To power on, you need to insert a micro SD card first, hold the on/off button until the lighter begins 

to vibrate(the on/off button is on the bottom of the lighter). A lit BLUE LED means the device is in

standby mode;

-- To turn the device off, hold the button down and you’ll get a longer vibration and the LED on the 

side goes out.

3. Record Video

--In standby mode, press the on/off button once, the device will vibrate twice and is now recording;

--To stop recording, press the button again and it will vibrate 3 times. 

4. Web cam function

Please install the included CD driver(STK03N.exe) on your computer, then power on the cigarette Lighter camera(no micro SD card in it) and plug it into USB port on your computer, then you can use it as a PC camera.

5. Flashlight function

--There is a button on the side of the lighter to turn the torch on and off.

6. Finally,the lighter part is a glowing coil, a bit like a car cigarette lighter, to light a fire just press the

 normal lighter button and you can light your smoke from the glowing coil. 


Aysel - Dec 30, 2014

The amount of cearams and lenses that I have had come and go from my collection over the years would easily reach three figures. Some I kept for just a few days before selling on, some a few years, others I still have and use now. I have whittled it down to about eight or nine cearams and quite a lot of lenses.It really depends on how much money you have to spend, what type of photography you intend to do and how much space you have to store them! )If you ask me what cearams/lenses you should consider buying then I will tell you to buy ones that can be used a modern day DSLR either with or without an adapter. I currently shoot digitally with a Ricoh GR Digital as a compact and a Canon 20D as my more serious tool. The beauty of Canon is that it allows me to use several older manual focus lens systems with my camera body and achieve infinity focus. Therefore I look for cearams and lenses that are also compatible with my DSLR body.I currently own a few SLR bodies but the film ones which I currently use are a Sigma Mark 1 (M42 mount) and Contax RTS (C/Y mount.) I have quite a large number of lenses for these cearams, all of which I can use with my Canon. After using many, many SLR bodies, these two cearams are now my final two’ which I am so happy with, I don’t ever see myself selling them. If you see them for a good price (and the Sigma can be very cheap) then don’t hesitate to buy them.As for compacts? Well I have always liked the Olympus MJU II (my carry everywhere camera), Olympus XA and XA2, Olympus Trip 35 is an essential in anyone’s collection, and Leica Mini II.I think that owning and using a TLR is a great photographic experience. I loved mine but sold it after it got little use. You should certainly use both 35mm and 120 film cearams to gain experience in MF shooting. Be sure to experiment and use many cearams which are fully manual, no electronics, manual everything! It will help you with your photographic technique and skills.There are no cearams that everybody should have in their collection, it is all down to personal taste and the other reasons I listed above. Good luck with the collecting! Be warned though Gear Acquisition Syndrome can be very expensive!. Was this answer helpful?

Leba Merheb - Dec 30, 2014

This product is incredible.I just bought it and the video quality is very good So I tell u if u buy it you will be very happy with it.

Daniel Ortega - Dec 30, 2014

Hi, I got this camera and i have a problem, the device is not turning on, I use the device once, and it work. I didn’t suffer any chash or misused and teh second time I tried to use it it simple doens’t turn on. I press the on/off button and only a red light appers on the side, but it dosn’t vibrate or anything. the same when i connect it to my laptop only the red light appers. I hope you can help me figuring out the problem.

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