HD 1080P Power Bank Spy Camera Manual

First, use the included USB cable to charge the device, solid green indicator means device is
charging. When it's fully charged, the green light will go off.

Then, insert a TF card into the card slot. The camera supports up to a 32GB micro SD card, which can store approximately 9-10 hours of recordings. The card only goes in one way, so make sure when you’ re inserting the card into the slot that you don’t force it, and the camera will “snap” it into

When you're ready to start recording video, please following these steps:

1. Power On/Off
--Press the power button once to turn on the device, solid blue LED means the device in standby mode.
--Long press the power button again to turn off the device.

2. Video Recording
--In standby mode, press the power button once, the indicator blink 3 times then go off, it start
recording video;
-- Press the button again to stop recording.

3.Picture Shooting
--In standby mode, click the power button twice, solid blue indicator blink 2 times slowly, it means
take 1 picture successfully.

4.Vioce Recording
--In standby mode, press the power button 3 times, blue indicator blink 3 times quickly then go off,
it means start recording voice;
--Press again to stop recording.

5 Motion Detection
--In standby mode, press the power button 4 times, blue light blinks in an even speed, when the
device detect any movement, blue light blink 3 times quickly then go off, it start recording video;
--Press the button again to stop recording, the video is saved every 1 minute.

Connect the device to your PC

When the device is power on and in standby mode, connect the mini USB connector to the camera, and
insert the full size USB connector into your computer's USB port. It should pop up a dialog box. If
the dialog box doesn’t pop up automatically, click on --> My Computer--> Removable Disk, then click
on the removable disk icon.

Another alternative way to view your recorded videos is to remove the TF card and insert it into
either your computer’s SD card slot (if equipped) or into an optional USB SD card reader, which
allows you to view the contents of your memory card just like any standard flash drive.

Set Date&Time

Step1: Insert a TF card first, then turn on the device, connect the camera to your computer via the
usb cable;

Step2: Open the removeable disk and creat a TXT named “time” under the root directory;

Step3: Open the TXT file and type in the date and time format like this: YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM:SS Y(N),
(for example 2014.12.12 08:40:30), then save it and exit; Y means the video has time stamp on the
video, N means no time stamp on the video.

Step4: When you power on the camera again and take a new video, the new time format will display in
your video.

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