Bluetooth Earpiece Spy Camera Instruction Manual

First: Introduction
This product is a HD video recorder with simple operation,  it can record HD Video with audio, take photo...


Operation Guide

1  Power On/off:

Press button 1 to power on, solid blue light means device in standby mode; Press the button again to power off.

2 Video Recording

When device in standby mode, press button 3 once, blue light blink 5 times then go off,  it means start recording.

-- press button 3 again to stop recording, and the device come back to standby mode.
3  Photo Shooting
--When machine in standby mode, press button 2 once, at this time the machine enter into picture mode;

-- Press button 2 once again, the blue light blink 1 time then go on, it means take 1 picture successfully.

4.Time reset

Connect the device to computer, open the removable disk, creat a TXT file and named “time”, then open it to modify the time.At last save the files and disconnect the device from the computer.. When you power on the device and record video, the time watermark that you reset will be in the video.

5 Charging

Connect the device via USB cable to your PC to charge it.


Dwayne - Nov 10, 2014

Greetings! I would like to if the Bluetooth Earpiece Spy Camera is compatible with Apple MacBook laptops? Also, is it possible that you have a customer service line for convenience?

Nick - Nov 10, 2014

hello, this bluetooth earpiece spy camera can’t compatible with App Macbook laptops. And we have online customer service, the working time is 9AM—6PM( Beijing time), during this period, you can chat online with our customer representative.

Anna Perdue - Nov 10, 2014

I followed the directions on step 4, and the date is still not changing. Is there another way to reset the date and time?
Anna Perdue

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