Universal AC Power Adapter Hidden Spy Camera Instruction Manual

Power On

Just plug the Power Adapter into a power outlet. Press and hold the power button until the red LED comes on. Solid red Led means device in standby mode. Please note that this power adapter has 16GB built-in memory, it's enough for you to save videos, you don't need to to buy a additional Micro TF card.

Set Up Recording

When device in standby mode, to begin recording, press the power button once to enable recording.

The red LED will flash twice and then disappear, indicating that recording has begun. Press the Power button once again to stop recording. The red LED will appear and stay steady, which indicate the recording has stopped and saved, then the device has returned back to standby mode. Please allow 5 seconds to pass before unplugging the Power Adapter to insure that the recorded video has been saved.

SettingDate And Time

First connect the Power Adapter to your computer using the included USB cable. Most computers will automatically recognize the device and a prompt window will pop up. Open the root directory of the device, within the root directory, create a new text file named " time". Double-click on the time.txt file and it will open up a text window. In the text window, type in the following:

Year.Month.Date HH:MM:SS (2010.01.01 12:01:32)

When done, please save it, then safely disconnect the Power Adapter from your computer. Power the device on by connecting it to a wall outlet.Power on the device, it will save the text file you create and adjust the time/date stamp on all future recordings.

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