How to set date and time on power bank spy camera

How to set date and time on power bank spy camera?

It's very easy.

Step1 : Insert a valid tf card to the camera;

Step2: Connent the camera to your computer via the usb cable, (pls do not power on this power bank camera);

Step3: Open the removeable disk and creat a TXT named “time” under the root directory;

Step4: Open the TXT file and type in the date and time format like this: YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM:SS, then save and exit;

Step5: Power on the power bank spy camera, and try to take a video, then the new time format will display in your video, you need to watch the video while connect the machine or the TF card to your PC.

The date and time format may something like this: 2014.12.12 08:40:30

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dave - Apr 18, 2014

is the power bank camera compatible with windows 8

Dima - Apr 18, 2014

Could you please proviede me with instructions how to disable recording date and time information. I don’t need to record date and time. Whot should I do for it?

Antonio(Guru) - Apr 18, 2014

Hi Dave,
It could work on win8.

Hi Dima,
The date and time can’t be disabled.

Kieran - Apr 18, 2014

How do i get the camera to switch from 10 fps to 720 giving me 30 fps?

NADER - Apr 18, 2014

after YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM:SS type “N” TO proviede recording date and time information. SUCH AS BELOW
2014.12.12 08:40:30 N

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