Alarm Clock Spy Camera

Alarm Clock Spy Camera

Why and How To Buy an Alarm Clock Spy Camera

No matter how safe you think your home is, there is always the risk of dangers like burglars, nannies and servants violating the security of your home. The best thing you can do to track the activities of these people and combat similar unwelcome intrusions is using the help of an alarm clock spy camera.

The advantage of using this camera as a surveillance device is that it keeps watch on your home without any suspicion. Practically no one will imagine an alarm clock to be a video surveillance device.

Moreover, you can conveniently place these devices in any room and still look natural. You can use home as a surveillance tool anywhere at home; in the bedroom, child’s room, living room and even the kitchen without any suspicion.

Of course, you can always use this as a surveillance tool in your office or shop. You just have to obscurely place it in your shop and office, and it records the activities of your staff and customers. This way you can keep track of any foul play or thefts that occur in the premises both in your presence and absence.

Alternative uses of an alarm clock spy camera

Now the primary function of these cameras is to keep a track of all the people who have permission to be in your home in your absence. In addition to this, they are also equally effective at keeping track of unwelcome intruders.

While some nannies are sincere with their commitment, there are some who work for people solely with the intention of taking advantage of their employers. This is when these cameras come in handy to keep track of those nannies you suspect of theft, treating your children poorly and for committing any other similar unhealthy activities at home.

At times, you may not have the time to be at home when the contractor comes down. They in turn take advantage of this opportunity and raid your refrigerator, watch television or even go through your things looking for something to steal and resell.

Then again, you can also use these cameras to keep a track on your children when you are not at home. You can find out how they spend your time in your absence, and if you don’t permit parities, these cameras can let you know about any unauthorized parties.

Working process

The market today boasts of many alarm clock spy cameras with a host of features. However no matter how many features they have, they roughly work the same way. These cameras are generally manufactured to use for both still shots and video.

• The average camera has a motion activation option wherein it can take either still shots or video at regular intervals while the camera is working. The photos and video are then stored in an internal SD card that you can remove for downloading later on.

• Some cameras have the added featured of scheduled recording. So if you want to record a specific event at your home at a specific time, you just have to schedule the camera to turn on and off as required at the fixed time. This way you are sure there is no risk of insufficient data space while the recording takes place.

• The best models even hide camera controls behind the rear panel so that there is no chance of anyone suspecting the device. If they doubt anything, they have to take the device apart to actually see the camera controls.

How to choose the right alarm clock spy camera

If you are looking for a hidden spy camera, there are some points to bear in mind before making a purchase. With the help of these tips, you will be able to buy the right camera, and stay clear of the buyers' remorse’ of buying the wrong camera.

• The market has hundreds and thousands of hidden cameras ranging from $20 to $2000. However price is not as important as brand and specifications of the camera. There are today many cheap cameras in the market which however produces bad video images and recordings. Instead of buying these cheap models, it is always better to look for a camera from a quality brand wherein you are assured a quality product with quality prints.

• In case of resolution, the bigger it is, the better it is. Avoid 320x240 resolution cameras if you want good quality video. While 640x480 is the minimum resolution of a camera, a high resolution such as 720P or 1080P are the preferred one.

• It is also important to note the frame rates of the camera. Regular cameras have a frame rate of 30 fps, which is the best frame rate for your spy camera too. Avoid the hidden cameras with 15 or less frames per second as your video will not come out right with these cameras.

• Check to find out if the camera is battery or AC outlet powered. If you need to take recordings spanning a few hours, or plan to transmit videos wirelessly, look for a camera that is powered through the wall. If you will not be using the camera regularly, then a battery powered camera is more than enough.

• If you plan to see the video you record live on the internet or your phone, you need some more things. You need an energetic internet connection and have to leave your PC or router on to stream video. These wireless remote view hidden cameras need some computer knowledge to assemble. However if you don’t need any wireless streaming, you can always get yourself a self-recording camera that records everything to an interior hard disk.

Last, but not least, before you buy yourself your alarm clock spy camera, go through your state, federal and native laws. While it’s completely legal to use them to monitor babysitters and use for home protection in most states, it is not permitted to use in places that require privacy like a bathroom.

And by the way, I will show you some affordable alarm clock spy camera that we’re selling, hope you will like.

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