Alarm Clock Spy Camera Instructions Manual

Alarm Clock Spy Camera Instructions Manual

This instruction manual including TWO Parts, Part I is for how to use the Time-Signal Clock itself, and Part II is to tell how to operate the Spy Camera.
alarm clock spy camera instruction manaul

Part I - How to use this alarm clock

Section A: Basic infor of this alarm clock
1. 5 buttons: HR, MIN, SET, LIGHT, TALK/SNZ; 
2. The time & minute can be displayed in a 3.5 bit LCD panel. Time-showing system of 12 hours and 24 hours is available; 
3. Multiple rings for choice: Beep, cock, etc. 5 melodies for option.
4. The time alarm will be triggered every 10 minutes if the clock is on the snooze   function. It can alarm 6 times maximally.
5. Two on-the-hour alarm functions for choice;  
6. The ring of “Beep” will be become louder generally. And it will last 1 minute; 
7. If adopting the melody as the ring, the clock will alarm when the melody ends.

Section B: Alarm clock setting
Pls download the PDF file to see the details

Part II - How to use this SPY DVR

Section A: Structure Diagram
Pls download the PDF file to see the details

Section B: Product Introduction
This product is a high-resolution 30-frame (640X480, 1280*960)  remote video surveillance clock, with an external TF Card. As a multifunctional high-tech product, the product is available multiple functions, such as: video, sound recording, induction video, take a photo, cyber chat, electric alarm clock and file storage; with the high-capacity battery, it can last recording for about 12 hours continuously and audio recording for 25 hours continuously; besides, the product can replace the high-resolution video with 2 million pixels, sound and file automatically, Meanwhile, the product is designed the multiple languages for telling the time. It supports 32GB storage. Its TF card can be used for a long time and remote controller can be easy to handle. With the best imperceptibility, this product will be as your ideal assistant to prevent theft and get evidence. 

Section C:  Handling Instructions
Pls download the PDF file to see the details

Section D: File’s storage and play
When finishing video-recording and other operations, please place the switch to “ON” position, connect it to your computer by USB cable, and press   on the remote controller; copy the file or cut and paste it to the your computer to play; or you can remove the TF card and use the card reader to read the data inside. 
The Media player / KM player is recommended. 

Section E: Precautions
Pls download the PDF file to see the details

Section F: Relevant Parameters and Troubleshooting
Pls download the PDF file to see the details

Instruction Manual
Pls download below detailed instruction manual
Alarm Clock Spy Camera Instruction Manual Download

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