SJ1000 vs GoPro Hero

SJ1000 vs GoPro Hero

Hello everyone, Today I will show you the best "SJ1000 vs GoPro" blog post, This post consists of two parts, Part I is videos comparison, and Part II is pros and cons comparison.

Part I - The most popular SJ1000 vs Gopro videos

Pls watch all the videos with HD 1080P/720P

Video 1: SJ1000 vs Gopro at daytime

This video is provided by Ferdi, he should recorded this video at his house and the backyard. There are so many scenes, including indoor, outdoor, architecture, furniture, flowers, animals andpeople, so you can see the real results of these two cameras. And this video is my favotite, here, let me say thanks to Ferdi, great job!

Video 2: SJ1000 vs Gopro at night with streetlights

From this video, we can see that the gopro hero3 have a better low illumination, the hero 3 could take a more brighter video, and some details of sj1000's video are a little dim.  
PS: I'm not sure whether this photographer made every setting corrected of the sj1000

Video 3: SJ1000 vs Gopro while shooting in the sky

The Gopro has a brighter effect, instead, SJ1000 is a little colder. They have similar high quality video resolution, and the details are all clear, you can get good videos from each of them.

Video 4: SJ1000 vs GoPro underwater

Here I will share you some separate videos for each of sj1000 and gopro.

For SJ1000

For GoPro

Part II - The pros and cons comparison between SJ1000 and GoPro Hero 3(Black edition/Silver edition/White edition)

1. Video Quality

Gopro have a better video and picture quality than SJ1000, but Sj1000 is also good enough.

Gopro Hero: ★★★★★   SJ1000: ★★★★

2. Main Parameters

Gopro(Black edition/Silver edition/White edition): 
- Max 4K/1080P/1080P video resolution
- 12MP/10MP/5MP image resolution
- 40 meters waterproof
- Wi-Fi function
- Battery: 1180mAH/1180mAH/1050mAH
- Max 64GB memory

- Max 1080P video resolution
- 12MP image resolution
- 30 meters waterproof
- Battery: 1100mAH
- Max 32GB memory
- 1.5" LCD screen
- 6 colors

SJ1000 is similar to Hero 3 Silver Edition.

Gopro Hero: ★★★★★  SJ1000: ★★★★

3. Accessories

SJ1000 has more than 20 accessories, and Gopro Hero 3 white edtion only has 5 accessories while silver edition 7 accessories and black edition 8+ accessories.
So you don't need to speed money to purcharse extra accessories with SJ1000.

Gopro Hero: ★★★  SJ1000: ★★★★★

4. After-Sales Support

Gopro: You can get any spport from Gopro Official Website
SJ1000: You need to contact the sellers, but different sellers offers different services, I suggest you to choose a trusted supplier before you place an order.

Gopro Hero: ★★★★★  SJ1000: ★★★

5. Price - The Killer X Factor

Gopro(Black edition/Silver edition/White edition): $399.99/$299.99/$199.99.  (The price form
SJ1000: $60~$99, the price are different due to different supplier, you should concern that the seller's strength, service, shipping, policy and more.

Gopro Hero: ★★★   SJ1000: ★★★★★

Final Stars: Gopro 21 Stars VS SJ1000 21 Stars

Gopro and SJ1000 each have their own advantages and disadvantages, Gopro is suitable for those people who have high requirements,  and if you only want one for your life, then SJ1000 is the better one. What do you think? Welcome to leave a comment below.

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Karas - Apr 04, 2014

I have read all your articles about the 5.8g 200mw FPV Wireless AV Tx & Rx Set. I also have the exact same set like you expcet the GoPro camera. I used the little camera but the problem is, everything works normal but I don’t get any picture, my screen is just black. I’ve already tried different things but nothing works. Do you have some advice?

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