Mini USB Flash Drive Spy Camera (DVR MINI U8) Instruction Manual

Mini USB Flash Drive Spy Camera (DVR MINI U8) Instruction Manual
(picture only for reference)

K1: Power on/off button, Separate audio recordings key
K2: Photo shooting, Video recording key;
K3: Motion detection key;
K4: Indicators
K5: Lens
K6: Microphone
K7: TF card slot
K8: USB port

Operation Instructions

1. Power on/off
Long press on K1, blue and red light will be on, at the same time machine shakes, when shaking stop, the initialization finished and the blue light go off ,red light keep on, machine enter standby mode. Long press on K1, machine shakes and red light flash 3 times to be shutdown.

2. Taking photo
In standby mode, short press on K2 key, blue light go on, machine begin to be photographed and save the file.

3. Recording Video
In standby mode, long press K2 key, machine shake twice, the red light flash 3 times then go off, it begin to recording, short press K2 key again ,machine shake once, it will stop recording and save the file, meanwhile the red light is on and the machine enter into the standby mode again.

4. Separate Audio Recording
In standby mode, short press on K1, machine shakes once and blue lights flash 3 times then go off, it starts to recording. Short press on K1 key, machine shake once, machine stop recording and save the file.

5. Motion detection mode
In standby mode, short press on K3 , machine shake three times ,blue and red light flash 4 times then go off, machine enter motion detecting standby mode. Short press on K3, machine shake once, then stop recording and save automatically, then enter the standby mode.

6. PC Web Camera
(It will automatically install the drivers before using this function)
In shutdown condition, keep pressing on K2 till connect to computer and enter into PC camera.

7. Charging
Charging with an ac adapter via the usb extension cable, or connect to your pc directly.
When the battery is fully charged, the blue light will be off.
Note: In the first 5 times, please RUN OUT of the battery and get full recharged, which can activate the battery’s maximum capacity.

8. Set Time
Method 1
Insert a tf card, and long press k1 to boot on this machine
Power off it and connect it to your computer
Open the movable disk, there is a tag.txt file, open the file and change the time to what you want, save it and exit
Method 2(if method 1 is ok, ignore this method)
Connect the machine to your computer, under the disk root directory, please creat a Txt named"TIME.TXT", then open it and set the time form
When you complete the setting, please restart the camera, it will automatically complete the time revision. And you can also use “WriteTime. Exe” file which stored in the machine to update the video time.

9. Exception Handling
When battery is low, the green light will flash about 3 seconds, tehn automatically saves the current image file and shutdown.
Because of accidental faulty operation or other special reasons, the camera stop work, please press K1 and K2 to restart the machine.
Cannot connect computer: please confirm your operating system, driver, USB interface, connections are okay.

Down The Detailed PDF Instruction Here
Mini USB Flash Drive Spy Camera (DVR MINI U8) Instruction Manual


nad - Jan 03, 2014

it worked couple of times but now it vibrates for 20 times every time I turn it on. And when I plug it to the computer I get a request for formatting it, can anyone help please. Thank you

charles - Jan 03, 2014

hi, i have the same prob as cher. long press k1 and it turns on normal then it vibrates and light flashing red and blue then after about 3-4 seconds it vibrates and flashing red and blue 20 times then nothing. i bought it on ebay maybe its a dud. any help would be appreciated.

mirek - Jan 03, 2014

Is it any way to record while charging ??? like in instruction ?

Gunnar11 - Jan 03, 2014

pls, someone upload the driver, I did not get the driver CD

adi - Jan 03, 2014

does it can record while charging ? just wondering if it can will be good to belong

Ibr - Jan 03, 2014

I have a problem in the video is almost 40 seconds and then closes the device

Just Me - Jan 03, 2014

If the light flashes many times on startup, the memory card is not fully seated.

erik trabant - Jan 03, 2014

I’ve lost the WriteTime.exe widget !
TIME.txt doesn’t work….
where can i download WriteTime.exe
Thanks for your help

EJM - Jan 03, 2014

What is the standby time limit in motion detection mode? Mine goes to sleep and turns off when in motion detection mode after too much time passes (maybe 4 hours). I have tested it several times during the day and it seems to work fine, but after sitting overnight, the motion detection is not activated again unless I turn it back on and set it back in to motion detection mode? Is this normal?

jp - Jan 03, 2014

It was not working when i was start the cam in vibrate more than 6 times and then it is turned Off.

Marc - Jan 03, 2014

Nad, Charles,

I think the problem is that the SD card is not fully seated or it is bad. Push the SD card in until it clicks into place and push again to eject it.

If this doesn’t work try another SD card.

My question is, how can I disable the date stamp?

ajay - Jan 03, 2014

When i start audio recording its took only 10 minute recording. after that it stops automaticaly.

connie - Jan 03, 2014

I need the driver because my laptop does not regonize the usb stick and so it does not work. Where can i find the driver to install it ?

chanakya - Jan 03, 2014

I have tried the method mentioned here (both methods) to change the date and time and however many times I change the date, it keeps coming back to the same date. For example I changed the date to show a random date in 2010. It was all good after I saved it. but when I recorded a video the TAG file goes back to the date in 2012 (with which it came) again. I also tried the method of creating the TIME.TXT file and it doesn’t seem to change the date and time stamp.
what should I do? Thanks!


Mr. Me - Jan 03, 2014

When battery gets low, and shuts unit off, does it vibrate before shutting down? Kinda scares me when doing surveillance as it would make it obvious unit it close by triggering suspicion perhaps. Comments?

MC - Jan 03, 2014

It seems that Micro SD Samsung EVO 32GB is not working on this device. It clicks in place but the light only blinks purple many times quickly when you try to turn it on. Then nothing else happens.

When you connect it to the computer, the light stays on red but the computer asks to put in a card in device if you try to access the drive.

Richard Rushing - Jan 03, 2014

I am working with iPad can I remove sad card an go into my iPad with a camera adapter also does the motion detection reset after activated .

rhodel pulanco - Jan 03, 2014

all the instruction above regards editing the time and date into present but it doesnt work …all the needed tools or file needed are none …so how can i fix it the present time and date are out dated : set to year 2011.. hope foe more options thanks

Denis McCool - Jan 03, 2014

I purchase this item from Amazon, and it does not automatically install the drivers, it is not even recognized .
I guess it does not work with HP laptop windows 10

Marianne - Jan 03, 2014

taking pictures ok and audio fine but the recordings are just showing lots of red and blue lines – no picture at all. motion sensor does not seem to work either. – any ideas please – using windows 10.

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